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The Salt River High School varsity cheer team consists of 10 participants including head coach Sarah Butchin and cheerleaders Cynthia Brackenbury, Alyssa Carlos, Mariah Dosela, Mariah Encinas, Elena Manuel, Joy Manuel, Celina Ortiz, Cecilia Rodriguez, Mary Page Taylor and Sienna Waters. Photos by Richie Corrales

SRHS Cheer Works to Pump Up the Crowds

By Jennifer Jimenez
Au-Authm Action News

Cheering on the sidelines of athletic events such as football and basketball games has been a longtime tradition for fans in the stands. Although the cheers are not always positive, the teams can always count on their cheerleading teams in uniform on their side of the field. The cheerleading team at Salt River High School (SRHS) takes pride in cheering on their fellow Eagles and continues to do it year after year.

The Lady Eagles cheer team took on a new head coach this season, Sarah Butchin, who said she was approached to coach the girls because of her great spirit for SRHS. She also choreographs most of the dances, which will be featured during halftime at the varsity basketball home games.

“I am committed to the students and will put myself out there to make their school experience amazing,” she said.

Although she has never led a cheer team before, Butchin has an extensive background in dance and can share a lot of methods and moves with her cheerleaders.

This year Mary Page Taylor and Celina Ortiz have been selected as cheer team captains. Their duties consist of running the cheers and making sure the team stays committed and spirited.

“Each of the cheerleaders has the opportunity to teach cheers they have learned in the past. We also watch other squads to get ideas,” said Butchin.

She said the cheerleaders are there to pump up the crowd and send great energy and vibes to the football team.

“They are [playing] hard on the field to bring home a win for SRHS, and we cheer them on every step of the way,” she said.

The girls have been preparing for the season by practicing three times a week, focusing mostly on the cheers, jumps and movements. They also participate in exercise classes offered by SRHS and the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Wellness Department.

Salt River High School 2011–12 Cheer Team Roster
Cynthia Brackenbury
Alyssa Carlos
Mariah Dosela
Mariah Encinas
Elena Manuel
Joy Manuel
Celina Ortiz
Cecilia Rodriguez
Mary Page Taylor
Sienna Waters

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