The Salt River High School student council is made up of hand-picked students.

Student Council Empowering Youth at SRHS

By Jennifer Jimenez
Au-Authm Action News

For the first time in school history, the Salt River High School Student Council is a member of the Arizona Association of Student Councils (AASC). Under advisor Sarah Butchin, this year’s student council is motivated and working hard to prepare for events taking place throughout the school year.

This year’s student council consists of five members of the executive board and six delegates who represent their respective age groups. Senior Blossom Wood is president, followed by Vice-President Salina Sampson, Pep Rally Director Daniel Lopez, Business Manager Edison Kinklicheenie, Jr., Secretary Lisa Stevens and delegates Btaka Brown, Elaina Gutierrez, Lloyd Lewis, Cecelia Rodriguez and Lane Yazzie. The council has set three major goals: homecoming, prom and state convention.

Lopez said his job as pep rally director is to assemble and direct the pep rallies for the school. He said the council comes up with ideas together and he is the person in charge to see the ideas are carried out at the rallies. As business manager, Kinklicheenie handles the money that the student council brings in through fundraisers, such as the raffle tickets they will be selling throughout Homecoming Week for a chance to watch the football game from a couch on the field.

Wood gets everyone organized, and although she said it is a challenge to get people to consistently share input on ideas and provide feedback, she is confident in the council and looking forward to making prom the best it can be.

Stevens keeps track of the happenings during meetings as the secretary, and Sampson assists Wood and comes up with ideas. Butchin said SRHS is still building its student council, and getting through homecoming will be a very big accomplishment for the students.

Although school began less than a month ago, members of the council have been gathering ideas since the summer, when they participated in the AASC summer camp in Prescott and gained a great deal of knowledge in one week’s time. Throughout the camp, they listened to inspiring speakers, participated in workshops, attended council meetings and networked with other student council members from schools across Arizona.

At the summer camp, the students were not paired with any others from Salt River, so they made a lot of new friends from other councils around the state.

Butchin said it was a full 12-hour day of activities. “The group went through council meetings to learn how to run a council and get ideas to take back to their school,” she said.

“The [summer] camp was very energetic. We had to wake up and cheer for our food in the morning, and whoever was the loudest would get to eat first,” Wood said.

A breaking-board activity had council members put their goals and fears on the board, and they are hoping to bring the same activity to SRHS. An eye-to-eye game, during which participants held hands and stared into the eyes of their partner, allowed campers to share a moment with complete strangers. They also took part in a trust game.

“There was also a dance that was really fun, and an ice cream social. The students participated in an Olympic parade and had to represent a fake school, creating a school song, name and colors,” Butchin said.

While most schools carry a council with about 38 students, SRHS has a council of 11. But these 11 students are committed to improving the overall spirit of the school by getting all students more involved, and they are well on their way.

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