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Renewal of Agreement between SRPMIC and Maricopa County Animal Control

Ranger Officer Steve Perkins

Salt River Police Department,

On August 3, the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community and Maricopa County Animal Care & Control (MCACC) renewed a contract through the unanimous passage of a Resolution presented before the SRPMIC Tribal Council continuing the services provided by MCACC to the SRPMIC. The terms and conditions of the contract provide for the Salt River Police Department (SRPD) and Ranger Unit to receive assistance from MCACC officers in handling animal issues within the Community.

The SRPD Rangers handle most animal problems, ranging from sick and injured animals to stray and unwanted pets, and they will continue to receive assistance from MCACC officers, who have specialized vehicles, equipment and access to the MCACC facility, which provides 24-hour comprehensive services for dogs and cats.

If you see a different type of law enforcement vehicle within the Community, don’t be alarmed—it will likely be an officer from MCACC helping someone in the Community with an animal issue. A SRPD officer will also be present on every call. The MCACC officers have recently received cultural awareness training from the Community and have received maps of the Community to assist them in providing the best and quickest service possible for our Community members.

If you need assistance with an animal problem, there is no need to do anything different; please continue to call the SRPD at (480) 850-9230.

A few reminders about the SRPMIC Animal Code and being good caretakers of our canine friends:

• Please keep your dogs on your property. Most important, make sure your dog is wearing a collar and license (Salt River Community Ordinance 12-8), which will help keep your dog in your possession.

• All dogs in the Community older than 4 months must have a current license and collar (SRCO 12-24).

• Any dog that is picked up will be transported to the MCACC facility and treated as a stray. The facility is located at 2630 W. Eighth St. in Mesa.

• If you are the owner of a dog, you are responsible for its actions. If the dog bites someone or attacks another dog, you may be held criminally (SRCO 12-35) or civilly (SRCO 12-34e) responsible.

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