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Traffic Laws in Focus as School Starts


By Richie Corrales and Officer Christopher Morin

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Motorists on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community should drive carefully and pay attention to traffic laws at all times, but that takes on added importance when school is back in session and children will be walking to school or to their buses.

Officers of the Salt River Police Department Traffic Enforcement Bureau want to remind motorists to slow down in school zones and residential areas, and always obey the speed limit. The Traffic Enforcement Bureau will be adjusting work schedules and focusing their manpower near Community schools, school crosswalks and bus routes.

“We will be enforcing traffic laws, especially [those that are] safety related, with zero tolerance in an effort to educate commuters and keep the roadways safe,” said SRPD Officer Christopher Morin.

Following are some of the most common violations and the applicable Community ordinances, as well as fines and punishments.

• Speed to be reasonable and prudent – Salt River Ordinance (SRO) 16-215a. Typically the fine is $5 per mile over the speed limit.

• Speeding in school zone (any speed greater than 15 mph) – SRO 16-215b1.

• Fail to stop at stop sign – SRO 16-125.d.

• Driver to stop for school bus – SRO 16-150a.

• Driving with a suspended license – SRO 16-40a. This is punishable by imprisonment for not less than 10 days nor more than six months and, in addition, a fine of not less than $100 nor more than $300.

• Fail to stop from private drive – SRO 16-198.

• Fail to yield to a pedestrian from drive – SRO 16-281a.

• Reckless driving – SRO 16-235a. First offense: A person convicted of reckless driving shall be punished upon a first conviction by imprisonment not less than five nor more than 90 days, by a fine of not less than $25 nor more than $300. If a second reckless driving offense is committed for within 24 months (two years), it is punishable with imprisonment from 10 days to six months and a fine from $50 to $500.

Remember, the 15-mph speed limit in school zones is an absolute speed limit. The speed limit is 25 mph through residential areas and 35 mph throughout the interior of Community.

Reminder: Watch for children in school areas, buckle up, and drive safely!

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Traffic Laws in Focus as School Starts
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