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Robin Mowers’ Zumba class is full, and sometimes that makes the dance steps hard to do, but she always makes it work. Participation in a Zumba class can burn 300 to 500 calories, depending on how intensely you work out.

Zumba Zaps Salt River

By Angela Willeford
Au-Authm Action News

Robin Mowers is a financial manager by trade but a Zumba instructor by heart.
Zumba zapped Mowers at her fitness club and she fell in love with its music, energy and dancing. She began teaching Zumba three years ago, and her classes in the Salt River Fitness Center began with approximately five to seven people. Today, her class has about 25 students, and other hopefuls line the doors outside waiting for a place in the room.

Physical Fitness Specialist Dion Begay said, “I have seen an increase [in interest in Zumba] because it is not as intimidating as strength training and not as intense, and [it’s] more inviting to a certain demographic. There are people who strictly attend Zumba [classes]. They are getting physical activity; it is a form of [cardiovascular exercise]. There are a lot of dance steps and movement aerobics, and [it’s a] faster pace.”

Begay said at first the classes were small because a lot of people didn’t know what Zumba was. Now the class has its loyal followers and is one of the more popular classes at the Salt River Fitness Center.

All body shapes, ages and both sexes are welcome to try Zumba, said Mowers. The youngest participant is 17 years old and the oldest is in their early 60s.
“Zumba is fun,” “It’s challenging,” “It’s an exciting hour,” and “The workout goes by fast” are just some of the comments that Mowers has received while teaching Zumba.

“I told my husband [that] to see smiles on people’s faces is more fulfilling than my regular job,” said Mowers.

Instructor Annie Deer also teaches Zumba classes at the Salt River Fitness Center. Deer bases her Zumba choreography on traditional Polynesian, Tahitian and Hawaiian dance movements.

Mowers’ Zumba class meets at the Salt River Fitness Center every Thursday at noon, and Deer teaches Zumba every Thursday at 5:30 p.m. If you have any questions, contact the Salt River Fitness Center at (480) 362-7320.

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