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Family and Fitness Day Run in Salt River

By Angela Willeford
Au-Authm Action News

Runners and walkers came out to the Family and Fitness Day Run on Saturday, September 24 at Salt River High School. There were 1-mile and 2-mile events, and a 10K as the grand finale, which is 6 miles.

The runners’ course stretched from Salt River High School all the way to Bunnyville and back.

Salt River Disease Prevention Manager Robert Johnson said, “We’ve been doing this [runs] since the beginning of our program, making Community members aware there are things that they can do to prevent diabetes.”

The runners and walkers had different reasons for coming out and participating in the event.

Justine Cooper finished first in the 1-mile run with a time of 8:58. Cooper said she enjoys running and runs at Salt River Elementary.

Jasmine Allen, 15, placed first in the 2-mile run, with a time of 16.48. She runs on her cross country team at Mesquite High School.

The Settles Family was the only family that participated in the Family Walk, which took place around the Salt River High School track. They have foster children and two of them are from the Community, so they wanted them to learn about their culture and decided to bring them out to the Community.

Jayden Paddock was hot even before the race began. His mom, Brenda Vasquez, carried him the last few feet since he was exhausted.

Kenise McGertt ran a mile even with asthma and forgetting her inhaler at home. Her older brother, Bryce McGertt, placed first in the male 20-and-under category for the 10k.

Michelle Roan, who placed first in the female 21-29 category, said that she was preparing for the Ford Ironman Arizona, which will be her first full marathon. Roan is an avid runner who once ran 30 miles in the Ragnar Relay Series.

The first male finisher in the 30-39 age category was Brian Holiday, who ran the 10K in 44:12. He said he had heard about the event through friends, and he runs to stay healthy and fit rather than to be competitive. As he cooled down, he checked off his exercise for the day.

Race Results

10K Run
Male (20 and under)

First Place: Bryce McGertt
Second Place: Dominique Lynch

Male (21-29)
First Place: Cody Honani
Second Place: Joshua Begay

Male (30-39)
First Place: Brian Holiday
Second Place: Wayne Sekaquatewa

Male (40-49)
First Place: Wilbert Lee
Second Place: Thad Toney

Male (50-59)
First Place: Merlin Jackson
Second Place: Thomas Jefferson

2-Mile Run/Walk
Female (21-29)

First Place: Michelle Roan
Second Place: Jessica Begay

Female (30-39)
First Place: Caroline Sekaquatewa
Second Place: Charissa Holiday

Female (40-49)
First Place: Dona Reese
Second Place: Mercedes Morgan

Female (50-59)
First Place: Mavis Jackson

Female (60 and over)
First Place: Reggie Jackson

2-Mile Walk/Run
Male (13 and over)

First Place: Enrique Molina
Second Place: Howard Dresser

Female (13 and over)
First Place: Jasmine Allen
Second Place: Kishan Cooper

Female (12 and under)
First Place: Cadene Makil
Second Place: Rebekah Hillis
Third Place: Emily Manuelito

Kids’ 1-Mile Run
Male (12 and under)

First Place: Kamden Sekaquatewa
Second Place: Noah Brown
Third Place: Tayden Paddock

Female (12 and under)
First Place: Justine Cooper
Second Place: Trinity Manuel
Third Place: Halle Yellowhair

Family and Fitness Day Run in Salt River
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