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Mike Reyes does barbell rollouts to strengthen is abdominal muscles, he does four sets of 25.

Reaping the Physical and Mental Benefits of Exercise

By Richie Corrales

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Mike Reyes needed to make a big change in his life, and with his stress increasing, he finally decided to visit the Salt River Fitness Center. “I was told if I had a lot of stress that exercising would help me a lot,” said Reyes, “so I gave it a try.”

And change he did. Since February, Reyes has lost a whopping 68 pounds.

When he started, Reyes said he was afraid to come into the Fitness Center, not knowing what to do or knowing very much about workouts.

“But then I asked the staff, and they were very helpful and showed me the correct way to use the equipment,” he said. “I wanted to get in good shape and make a lot of stress I had disappear. So I started working out in February of this year, coming in almost every day for about two hours.”

Boxing is a large part of Reyes’ regular workout. He first works on his technique in boxing and jumping rope, which he does for an hour until the Fitness Center staff begin their evening classes, which is about 5 p.m. Then he moves on to lifting weights.

“I also attend the boxing class instructed by Nevelle Howard, which has helped me a lot in learning proper footwork, stance and how to deliver a jab,” Reyes said.

Cardio has helped Reyes the most since he started working out. “I find that I am not tired at work anymore and I can get up and do stuff right when I wake in the mornings,” he said. “It’s just like I have a lot more energy than I did before I started working out.”

Another benefit that Reyes noticed by becoming fit was that his attitude changed, and so did his self-esteem. He said that he started feeling good about himself.

“People tell me that they see change, but it is very hard for me to see; I guess because I look at myself every day and I can’t see the change, but by them noticing change in me [that] makes me feel great,” said Reyes.

He first began to notice little changes after a month or two, both in his weight and gaining muscle. “There were days when I didn’t want to come and work out, but I told myself it is like a second job, and since then I have been faithful to working out,” said Reyes. “I like working out my upper body the most, but a total-body workout is good as well.”

Reyes also gets a workout in during his lunch break by going to the Salt River Gym, where he plays some basketball, which also burns a lot of calories.

“I think we need a bigger facility here in the Community. At times [the Salt River Fitness Center] gets packed and sometimes you have to wait for a machine or weights,” said Reyes.

Name: Mike Reyes
Age: 29
Current weight: 212
Starting weight: 280
Favorite workout: Anything involving the upper body and boxing

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Reaping the Physical and Mental Benefits of Exercise