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Participants in the Junior Golf program end the night with a quick photo on the green.

Salt River Junior Golf Program

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

Children ages 6-12 have been participating in the eight-week Junior Golf Program, organized by the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Recreation Department. The program meets at the Riverview Golf Course in Mesa.

The Junior Golf Program has 18 participants, and almost all of them are very new to the sport. During the first meeting, the children learned the fundamentals of golf, such as how to hold the club and swing it. This resulted in some golf clubs flying across the grass, children falling, divots (chunks of grass) coming up and some minor accidents with the golf clubs. But the children stuck it out, practicing their swing and stance.

Throughout the program’s first week, the young golfers learned all about the rules of golf, golf etiquette, proper hand grip and the correct golf stance. Many caught on quickly and spent their time swinging at balls, while others went over the basics until they were able to hit properly and stand and finish correctly.
The children also learned how to be patient, and that golf provides an opportunity to get some exercise and be social with one another.

Recreation Department staff said that for every session there are some new faces as more young people take an interest to the program. For more information regarding the Junior Golf Program or future golf programs on the Community, contact Stan Overturf at (480) 362-7337.

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