Sommer Lopez (holding flowers) and Ezeriah Ramirez (far left) both competed for the title of the Red Mountain Eagle Pow Wow Princess (RMEP) inside the Salt River Community Building days before the actual Red Mountain Eagle Pow Wow event. Outgoing RMEP Princess Zvlencee Rose Washington and her first attendant Hailey Kenoi Schurz were at the pageant.

25th Annual Red Mountain Eagle Pow Wow

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

Two young ladies of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, Ezeriah Ramirez and Sommer Lopez, competed for the title of Red Mountain Eagle Pow-Wow Princess on the evening of October 25 at the Community Building. The Red Mountain Eagle Pow-Wow is held in the first week of November, and the pageant always takes place a few days before.

The girls were judged on their grand entry, personal introduction, traditional dress and their essays.

For her speech, Ramirez spoke about why she would like to be the next RMEP Princess. She said, “Because it would give me a chance to travel and meet others from other Native American communities, and it would help me become a better role model to my younger sister and other young family members and one day run for president of the Community.”

Lopez, who is oldest of four children, said she wanted to be the next RMEP Princess because “I have always gone to the pow-wow with my family for many years and want to become a good role model to the girls of the Community.” She also likes to share her culture with others who are not from the Community.

The girls were continually judged throughout the evening on their poise and posture.

A farewell speech was given by Zvlencee Rose Washington, outgoing RMEP Princess. Washington thanked everyone, including her parents and sponsors, who helped her during her time as RMEP Princess.

Washington then handed out certificates and gifts to the contestants. Then Emcee Daryl Lynn Jay, former Miss Indian Arizona, announced that Lopez had been selected as First Attendant and Ezeriah Ramirez was named the 2011-12 RMEP Princess. Ramirez was crowned immediately following the Grand Entry to the pow-wow itself, which took place on November 5. This was the 25th year for the Red Mountain Eagle Pow-Wow.

Lopez is the daughter of Rito and Christy Lopez, and Ramirez is the daughter of Ramona Briones and Manuel Ramirez.

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