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Duathlon winners Zoey Lewis, Letitia Dalton and Martina Ashley.

Red Mountain Duathlon at Salt River

By Angela Willeford
Au-Authm Action News

Bright and early on April 30, the Red Mountain Duathlon was held on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, hosted by the SRPMIC Disease Prevention Program. The duathlon consisted of two events, a run and a bike ride.

There were adult and youth duathlons, and the adult event had both male and female divisions. The adults completed a 3-mile run and an 8-mile bike ride, starting and ending at Salt River High School. Fifteen people participated.

The four participants in the youth division were all related. Suomva Puhuyesva, 12 said, “My chain popped off—he cheated, probably took my chain off when I was asleep.” He was referring to his younger brother, Loma Puhuyesva, 11, who placed first in the youth division. The boys’ mother, Letitia Dalton, participated in the adult duathlon, and when she finished her energy seemed untouched by the 11-mile run/bike ride and she directed her boys to help clean up.

Dalton placed second in her division, with a time of one hour and five seconds; she was racing against her son Derrick Dalton. Her younger sons Loma and Suomva teased their older brother Derrick about “getting beat by an old woman.”
Letitia Dalton, a gracious winner, said about beating Derrick Dalton’s time, “He didn’t bring his racing bike and he is preparing for Ironman, so this wasn’t about speed but about training [for him].”

This was Au-Authm Action News Senior News reporter Tasha Silverhorn’s first duathlon, and as she got off her bike [to begin the run] she exclaimed, “I don’t want to do it, my butt hurts!” This was after she and Tamar Gonzales did a quarter-mile extra on their ride than some other participants.

Silverhorn said the reason she entered the duathlon was because she “wanted to try it out.” In the last couple of months she has been walking and jogging. She said, “Plus, I had my bike just sitting in my garage for the past couple of years, so I broke it out and gave it a shot.” Although she finished last, she said it was a fun experience. “My co-worker Tamar, the [Salt River] Fitness Center staff and others were encouraging me,” she said. “I was kind of scared to do it because I didn’t want to come in last, but Tamar just encouraged me and said the only thing that matters is that you finish and that you tried. I had to think about what she said by the second lap of the bike ride. I was ready to ride the other way to my in-laws’ house and rest, but I just had to keep going and finish. It was a good experience, I just wish there were more Community members out there to participate. I think anyone can do it, even if you just go at your own speed like I did. I just cruised on my beach cruiser and walked most of my two-mile run.”

This was the second duathlon hosted by the Disease Prevention Program, and plans are for it to become an annual event, said Rachel Seepie, senior physical fitness specialist.

The women’s division results, first through third place: Martina Ashley, 0:58:30; Letitia Dalton, 1:00:05; and Zoey Lewis, 1:00:53. The men’s division winner was Derrick Dalton with a time of 1:02:45.

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