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Lloyd Lewis and Eugene Lewis in the first heat of the 100-meter dash at Phoenix Christian High School.

Salt River Athletes Make Final Throws This Season

By Jennifer Jimenez
Au-Authm Action News

The Salt River High School track team ended its season competing in the Scottsdale Christian Invitational and the Trojans Late Qualifier. Despite competing throughout the season, none of the members of the track team qualified for the 1A state track meet.

The Scottsdale Christian Invitational took place April 30. Edison Kin finished No. 25 in discus and No. 30 in shot put. In the Trojans Late Qualifier, three Eagles athletes competed in discus. Daniel Lopez finished No. 20, followed by Monty Benally at No. 24 and Kin, who finished No. 25. In shot put, Benally finished No. 23 and Kin finished No. 24 overall.

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