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The teams have fun playing a friendly game of ball to end the season on a good note at Salt River High School.

Game of Fun at Salt River High

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

Now that the baseball and softball seasons are over for Salt River High School, Junior High Softball Head Coach Eric Udell and Assistant Coach Deborah Tsosie got together with Junior High Baseball Coaches Simon Smith and David Schumacher and decided to put on a junior high softball and baseball ”fun game.” The teams got together Monday evening, May 9, and played a friendly game of ball, girls versus boys.

This year it was more of a celebration of the season for the teams to come together and play. The game was initially supposed to take place right before the season began, but it was postponed because of several issues that arose. The game had been intended for coaches to meet the parents and students as an ice-breaker before the season.

“The best part of the game was that parents showed up and supported the event,” said Udell. “The teams did a great job on communicating throughout the game that night, which was a very good sign [for next year].”

Even though the game was noncompetitive, there was plenty of friendly trash talking between the boys’ and girls’ dugouts. There was also plenty of laughter among the parents and other students watching the game in the stands.

“We had a lot of fun, and both teams were laughing at one another while batting or in the outfield. For many of the players on the team that night, it was their first time to really play baseball or softball. A lot were just starting out from sixth grade,” said Udell.

Even the coaches got into the game, pitching or batting against their student players.

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