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Aqua sculpt had participants bending and stretching throughout the hour long class.

Aquatics Program Available to Community Members and Employees

By Jennifer Jimenez

Au-Authm Action News

The aquatics program on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community has been in place for the past 12 years, offering Community members the chance to engage in water-based exercise. Currently, Jason Seepie and Roberta Johnston are teaching the aquatics program.

Choosing the best classes to offer Community members and employees can be difficult. “We like to try a variety of classes,” Seepie explained. “Some are hits and some miss. We go with what works.”

Currently the program offers cardio, interval, cardio station challenge and aqua kickboxing. Aqua aerobics is an energetic and invigorating class that combines coordination, endurance and strength training with easy-to-follow movements for a total-body workout. In this class, you may use aqua buoys (water dumbbells), wave webs (for the hands), aqua noodles or other types of resistance devices for strength training.

Aqua Kick and Core takes the fun and energy of a traditional kickboxing class and combines it with the resistance of the water for a class that will challenge the muscles while increasing strength and endurance. It finishes with core exercises to strengthen the abs and back.

Aqua Sculpt is an aquatic workout designed to increase muscle tone and flexibility and improve posture.

Seepie said there are many benefits to exercising in the water—the primary benefit is reduced stress on the joints, because water reduces about 90 percent of the impact of land-based aerobics.

“Water is about 12 times as resistant as gravity on muscles,” he said. “It is a fantastic alternative.”

Seepie encourages people to get in the water and give it a try.
“Aqua aerobics is a very gentle way to exercise the body. It is a lot of fun, and can be enjoyed with friends. It will improve circulation and [cardiovascular health],” he explained.

“I have been teaching the aqua program for the past five years and enjoy it a great deal. The clientele is outstanding,” he said. “We all have a great time together while burning calories. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it is not a hard workout. Any workout can be made challenging by the effort you put into it. Why not come out and have a little fun with us and work on your tan?”

Salt River Water Aerobics
The Salt River Disease Prevention Program is offering water aerobics at Salt River and Lehi Community pools. All classes will be for all fitness levels, from novice to the most experienced. All clients are required to fill out a personal healthy history form before the start of class. All attendees must be at least 15 years of age. For more information, call (480) 362-7320.

Salt River Community Pool
5:30-6:30 p.m.

Lehi Community Pool
5:30-6:30 p.m.


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Aquatics Program Available to Community Members and Employees