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Community member Cheyenna Wallen started off her first year of high school on the varsity girls basketball team for the Moon Valley Rockets.

Community Member Cheyenna Wallen Plays Forward for Moon Valley

By Richie Corrales

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Fourteen-year-old Cheyenna Wallen is a freshman at Moon Valley High School who just celebrated her birthday on December 27. According to Wallen, this makes her one of the youngest student athletes in her school and on the varsity basketball team.

Wallen started playing basketball for her church team when she was four, then went on to play in school at Tumbleweed Elementary and Cholla Middle School, as well as many club teams. She has participated in leagues in the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, playing on the Lady Renegades team coached by Robert Ramirez. Wallen starts on the varsity team in her first year of high school. “I am usually a forward, and I am great at defense,” said Wallen. “We are 5-2 right now.”

The talented athlete said she has been working on post moves and getting better at making free throws. She looks forward to graduating from high school with honors and getting the opportunity to play college basketball.

“Academically she is exceptional, very smart and gets straight A’s in her classes,” said her father, Brandon Wallen. “She has been in the gifted program taking honors classes since elementary [school]. Currently she is the freshman class president at Moon Valley High School.” English is Wallen’s favorite subject in school, and math is her least favorite.

“I like that there is a variety of students, not just my age, but more diverse,” Cheyenna said. During her winter break she relaxed, spent time on Facebook, went to the movies several times, and lived the life of a teen celebrating her birthday before the New Year.

“We played Apollo High School, who won the state championship last year,” Cheyenna said. Moon Valley has also competed against Shadow Mountain, Glendale, Prescott, Peoria and Cortez high schools.

Her father said that Cheyenna went through a number of leagues throughout the years and pretty much carried her teams all the way through elementary and junior high. She was always the team captain.

“In eighth grade her team won the district championship over their rival, Desert Foothills, who always beat her team. She was able to score double figures, including 18 in one game; the next closest [scorer] was nine points,” said Brandon. Another of her strengths is rebounding.

Cheyenna has three more years to go in high school, but she gets a lot of playing time in each game. “I feel that her coach puts her in the game at crucial moments for defensive purposes,” said Brandon.

“As a parent I am very proud of her and we are always here for her. She is getting real popular in school being on the varsity team, and we do our best to keep her on a straight path.”

Cheyenna Wallen: Quick Facts
Likes: Facebook and hanging out with friends at the mall
Types of music: Drake, Nirvana and Pearl Jam
Favorite WNBA team: Phoenix Mercury
Favorite NBA Player: Dwight Howard of Orlando Magic

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Community Member Cheyenna Wallen Plays Forward for Moon Valley