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Eric Schurz tosses his horse shoes, behind him Mike Villalpando watches to see if he gets any points during the Darice Enos Memorial Horseshoe tournament.

4th Annual Darice Enos Memorial Horseshoe Tournament: Horseshoe Tournament Sees Biggest Turnout Yet

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community members, family and friends of the late Darice Enos participated in the fourth annual Darice Enos Memorial Horseshoe Tournament, held on January 22 at the Enos residence.

Enos was known for playing horseshoes with many of his friends, and at times they would organize little tournaments. “He and his friends would often play all night outside our home,” said Enos’ widow, Robin Enos. “All I would hear is ‘bing’ when the horseshoes would hit the metal stakes in the ground, from dusk ’til dawn,” she said.

To honor Darice Enos’ memory, each year the Enos family sponsors this event with the help of longtime family friends Kent and Vickie Andrews.

Many local horseshoe teams brought their own cheering sections to join the local spectators from the Community for a sunny day of friendly competition and visiting. Salt River and Lehi were well represented, along with teams from Ak-Chin and Gila River who traveled to the Enos residence to watch and participate in this year’s tournament.

A total of 28 teams participated this year. The entry fee was $40 for each two-man team, and the family added an extra $600 to the overall prize money. All money went to the winners of the tournament, from first to sixth place. First place, $600, went to the team of Bryan Hayes and Fernando Romero; second place, $400, went to Jon Miller and his son Jon Miller, Jr.

An outdoor game, horseshoes is played with two teams of two people each. The equipment consists of four horseshoes and two stakes set in the ground, traditionally placed 40 feet apart. The players take turns tossing their horseshoes, aiming for the opposite stake. Points are given for getting your horseshoe closest to the stake, or throwing a “ringer,” in which the horseshoe encircles the stake.

“It was good to see all the family and friends of Darice, and it was good to see everyone from elders to the youth come together and have a good time,” said participant Eric Schurz. “I’ve been playing ’shoes since my teenage years, and I can’t wait till the next tourney.”

“This has been the biggest turnout of teams and spectators since we first started,” said Kent Andrews. “Everyone really had a great time.” All tournament participants received T-shirts, and lunch was provided by family and friends.

“I would like to thank Kent for the well-organized tournament, making it a fun event and running the tournament so smoothly,” said Robin Enos. “I also want to thank all my family and friends who helped out with cooking, bringing their special dishes and serving everyone.” She also thanked the spectators for coming out and supporting their teams.

Robin Enos said a lot of work, fun and love go into this event. She credits her son D.A. Enos for doing a great job getting the pits ready for the tournament, and her daughter Kim Enos for all the details in getting the shirts ordered. She would also like to give special thank-yous to Wi-Bwa Williams for her grilling skills and Lema Andrews for her “awesome” flyers.

Participants of the 2011 Horseshoe Tournament

John Miller and John Miller Jr. (Gila River)
John Mendoza and Chico (Gila River)
Mike Andrews and Mike Jay
Reggie Hayes and Theresa Doka
Ernesto Lopez and Stetson Mendoza
Bear Enos and Mike Carlos
Mike Villalpando and Martin Harvier
Woody Hayes and Man Hayes
Brian Hayes and Fernando Romero
Kelly Hayes and Nano Dominguez
Jeff Hayes and Rudy Burke
Mike Washington and Jeff Fulwilder
Kenny Maynard and Raul Martinez
Garland Johnson and Ronnie Lovelace
Spotty Hill and Jordan Manuel
Charles Hill and Dushane Manuel
D.A. Enos and Brandon Enos
Shea Enos and Tooter Biakeddy
Russell Vest and Rydell Enos
Rossie Wood and Jessi Wood
Johnny Romo and Cody Waters
Ubbie Baptisto and Joe Thomas
Leonard Rivers and Zack Rivers
Eric Schurz and Daniel Velarde
Toog Enos and Ricardo Corrales
Terry Enos and Benji Valisto (Ak-Chin)
Julian Rivers and Joe Urias
Larry Antone and Dennis Hernandez (Gila River)

4th Annual Darice Enos Memorial Horseshoe Tournament: Horseshoe Tournament Sees Biggest Turnout Yet
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