Recyle trash cans are located throughout the SRF facility.

Salt River Fields Promotes Recycling Program

By Jennifer Hernandez
Au-Authm Action News

With the addition of Salt River Fields at Talking Stick to the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, the recycling program currently being implemented at several enterprises will also make their way to the new spring training facility.

The Community Development Department/Environmental Protection & Natural Resources began working with Salt River Fields and Engineering Construction Services to incorporate recycling at Salt River Fields in the summer of 2010 as part of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification process. LEED Certification has extensive requirements for utilizing recycled/renewable materials in construction and ensuring that recycling is an ongoing effort for the facility.

EPNR Senior Environmental Specialist Jenifer Williams said recycling is very important to the Community.

“Recycling at every Community enterprise, government, development and household is critical to extend the life of the Salt River Landfill, conserve natural resources and helping keep the Community clean,” she said.

Currently the enterprises of Talking Stick Golf Course, Talking Stick Resort, Casino Arizona, Salt River Landfill and Salt River Financial Services participate in the recycling program.

SRF Facilities Maintenance Manager Jorge Torro will oversee the recycling program during year, while CDD/EPNR will provide regular technical assistance and support.

“We will have a compactor and we are creating a plan to get recycled materials to the recycling compactor to preserve space and make sure we are recycling throughout the entire process,” he said.

SRF Director of Sales and Marketing Aaron Studebaker said SRF and CDD/EPNR have gone to every length to ensure the recycling program is a success.

“There are just under 200 external bins outside of the buildings and recycling containers all through the staffing areas and also in the ticket offices and buildings within the facility,” he said. “We believe this was an important program to have because we understood just how important recycling was to the Community and the entire world.”

Studebaker said they are working diligently with Ovations Food Services to ensure not only fans coming through and purchasing and disposing of recyclable items, but also the food and beverage company is working with the program as well. For example, after emptying chip boxes to make sure the cardboard is disposed of properly.

“The hardest part of recycling at a facility like this is the fact you have to have 12,000 people cooperating,” Studebaker said.

In order to ensure items are being recycled, Studebaker said all of the staff at SRF will be educated on and also carry a list of recyclable items. Visitors to the stadium can log on to and block on the A-Z information guide for a complete list.

The facility will be extremely active throughout all 12 months through hosting concerts, events, corporate dinners and pow wows and SRF Events Coordinator Scott Pregg will be coordinating with Studebaker.

“Scott is working to make sure everything is organized and that people are picking up on the process of recycling at the new facility,” Studebaker said.

Recycling will help keep Salt River Fields clean and green, please pitch in and here’s how:
To make recycling convenient for baseball fans, blue recycling containers are located throughout the ballpark including concourses, concession areas, and restrooms as well as the parking lot areas. All recyclable materials can be co-mingled, meaning they can all be placed in the same container and do not require sorting.
Remember to look for the recycling symbol on containers to ensure that recyclables are not going into trash cans and ultimately the Community’s waste stream.
Salt River Fields recycles the following items:
• Plastics (#1 – 7)
• Plastic cups
• Water and Soda bottles
• Glass
• Paper
• Programs
• Newspaper
• Office paper
• Cardboard
• Aluminum & metal
• Soda cans

Thank you for participating in the Salt River Fields recycling program and assisting with the Community’s continued commitment to foster environmental stewardship and waste reduction efforts.

For more information on the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community’s Recycling Program please contact us by phone at 480 362-7500, by email at or visit our website

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