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In the 40-plus division, Team Old Skool plays against Salt River Blazers in the third-place game of the tournament.

The 175 Classic Basketball Tournament

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

The 175 Classic Basketball Tournament took place on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community April 7–9 at the Pi-Copa Gym. This tournament usually attracts a lot of participants, and to be a little different this year they added the women’s division and split up the age groups in the men’s division. Three divisions were created in the tournament: two men’s divisions, one for players ages 30–39 and one for players 40-plus; and one women’s 30-plus age division. In total there were 23 teams.

“This is one of our bigger tournaments for the year,” said Kim Whitelock, who, along with Marla James, served as the score keepers.

“Hopefully by next year we can make the tournament bigger than this year, because we received a great response from it. [We also received] a suggestion to have it at the end of March, like it used to be years back,” said Whitelock.

In the women’s division, X-Factor advanced to the third-place game against Team Zona. The game was very close to a tie, but Team Zona defeated X-Factor 46-44, giving X-Factor third place in the tournament. In the championship game for the women’s division, Team Zona, which was winning most of its games, played against Aces, a team that also was doing well in the tournament. Both teams played an exhausting game for their division championship. Aces finally outscored Team Zona by 20 points, winning the women’s division championship 51-29.

For the men’s 30–39 division, City Electric, a team from northern Arizona, defeated the San Carlos Bad Boys, 53-49, leaving Bad Boys to finish in third. The men’s championship game for the 30–39 age division was played between Team Zona and City Electric, with a final score of 77 for Team Zona and 63 for City Electric.

In the men’s 40-plus division championship, Salt River DOC’s Old Skool played against Salt River Blazers for third place; the Blazers scored 41 and Old Skool 32. Then the Blazers took on team Fort McDowell for the championship. Fort McDowell outscored the Blazers 51-37, taking the tournament championship in their division.

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