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Rachel Seepie crouches down with Community children as they pretend to be dinosaurs and march around like dinosaurs on the stage as the music plays.

High School Wellness Night Provides Insight Into Healthy Living

By Jennifer Hernandez
Au-Authm Action News

The Wellness Night at Salt River High School was held on March 22. Several departments from within the Community, as well as information from outside of the Community was shared with members who attended the event.

Upon entering the participants were given a bag and upon their first stop to the Charily Family Dentistry booth they were given a T-shirt. Youth were given the opportunity to see just how productive an electric toothbrush can be and how it can aide in the prevention of tooth decay and gum disease.

The Early Childhood Enrichment Center (ECEC) was on hand sharing information with Community members on the benefits of getting their children enrolled at ECEC. ECEC staff members also allowed children to pick out tattoos and placed them on their arms for them.

Salt River Recreation staff member Rachel Seepie was in the lecture hall at Salt River High School doing exercising activities with the youth. The kids pretended to be dinosaurs making the earth flat as they march around the stage.

Tribal Library Assistant Nejo Salazar was at the event for the Tribal library showing the youth the various books available to them.

“I think a lot of times people do not realize we have great books on nutrition, exercise, healthy living and even disease prevention and disease information such as diabetes,” he said.

There was a doctor who attended the event explaining the importance of taking care of your feet and the effect diabetes can have on your feet. Just across the way a booth filled with different types of shoes were on display as the build of each show was explained and Community members were asking questions about their own shoes and whether or not they were in the proper footwear.

One presentation room was dedicated solely to asthma with a video playing on the screen and various pieces of signage for people to read. Salt River Elementary School Nurse Pamela Beihl spoke about the importance of being educated about asthma.

“The most important thing for asthmatics is having control of it,” she said.

Salt River High School Nurse Sandra Jones and Salt River Elementary retired nurse Eileen Dolmage were also in attendance sharing pictures and information on asthma and the proper equipment to use for the disease. They also handed out stickers to those people in attendance.

Inside the cafeteria was information on the healthy way to store and handle food. As well as a booth on portion control and the amount of each food that should be eaten. Rosseau Farms was handing out carrots to participants of the event.

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High School Wellness Night Provides Insight Into Healthy Living
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