Booth were set up during the conference to inform people of the different programs that are out there helping people with disablitities.

Salt River Disability Conference Brings Hope to People with Disabilities

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

Salt River Indian Community’s Victory Acres II Club House and Youth Services co-hosted the Salt River Disabilities Conference August 25. Exhibitor booths were set up in the Community Building with information on programs for people with physical disabilities, mental, hearing or eyesight disabilities and health services programs on health care or for seniors.

Bringing hope to some that didn’t think there was any help out there members from the Community and other communities attended the conference to see and hear many options that apply to them or others they may know. Presenters like Tony DiRienzi from AZSILC (Arizona State Independent Living Council) talked about the services that they provide to people who want to start living independently on their own. The company also wants to start an independent living center within Indian communities in Arizona for people with disabilities.

Arizona technology access program was present, displaying a program with equipment for mobility, speech, daily living aids, vision or computer equipment that has larger letters on keyboards for example. Mellowdee Jae Brooks the tech specialist brought over samples of their equipment like a syringe magnifier for individuals to use who are diabetic and even high blood pressure monitors.

There are even services for individuals who have trouble with their employers, cannot keep jobs or have difficulty getting jobs. There are many vocational rehabilitation programs in Arizona that will help families. Other speakers that attended the event were Office of Veteran Affairs, Salt River Behavior Health, Salt River Senior Services, Special Needs and Social Security Administration.

Presenters discussed their department or service they provide to the disabled and handed out fliers and promotional items with information of many agencies around the valley.

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Salt River Disability Conference Brings Hope to People with Disabilities