This rooster quilt was the first made by the ladies at the Senior Center. To solve a problem with the eyes, they sewed on buttons.

The Quilts are Complete!

By Angela Willeford
Au-Authm Action News

Since January, the ladies at the Salt River Senior Center have been working diligently for months on one of their favorite pastimes: making quilts.

Pearl Schurz, Ramona Loring, Alba Narcia, Lauretta Johnson, Brenda Manuel, Doralita Lopez, Idella Azule, Mildred Hill and the late Francis “Bun” Kayona all have made individual squares for the quilts. “We cannot forget Bernice Phillips,” the ladies said, smiling. “Bernice has been our supervisor.”

The first quilt was a rooster pattern that Senior Center Supervisor Angelina Dallas picked up at the Tucson Quilters Guild Annual Quilt Show. Dallas said the ladies tried to put eyes on the pattern but they kept falling off, so they sewed buttons on as the eyes for the roosters.

In addition to the rooster quilt, they made a quilt with the pattern of a little girl in a bonnet, and they just finished a quilt with a turtle pattern. The turtle quilt is a bright fluorescent green. Loring loves the color; Schurz, on the other hand, cringes when she looks at it!

Azule and Kayona made their squares the old-fashioned way, sewing by hand, and the others use a sewing machine. The next quilt the group is interested in working on will have a frog pattern.

Making quilts is just one activity the senior ladies like to do during their free time. They are also making O’odham and Piipaash dresses.

The ladies plan to raffle off their rooster quilt as a door prize at the Native American Day celebration on September 22 at the Community Building.

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