Collette Arthur is an independent consultant for Creative Memories, offering Community members a way to organize their cherished memories kept in photographs.

Organizing Photographs Through Creative Memories Helps Community Members Cherish Their Own Memories

By Jennifer Hernandez
Au-Authm Action News

Photographs are cherished mementoes for many people, but often those photos remain embedded in digital cameras or get developed into prints that get left inside a shoebox in the closet. Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community member Collette Arthur is an independent consultant for a company called Creative Memories, working with people to arrange and display their photographs in new ways.

“I have learned how to organize photos and design creative, unique ways to cherish every memory,” Arthur said.

Arthur is married to Steven Arthur, owner of Steve’s Landscaping, Inc. In addition to her work with Creative Memories, she is an independent consultant for Solanna Group, LLC and is involved with the Landowners Association here in Salt River.

“I started working with Creative Memories this year,” she said. “Creative Memories teaches and helps everyone to enjoy their special moments, stories and photos and to properly preserve photos for generations to come.”

During this year’s Housing Conference, Arthur hosted a booth to teach Community members about Creative Memories. She described to them the opportunities available through the program. Arthur said there is no age limit to working with Creative Memories. She said it takes imagination, desire and then the knowledge in order to be successful.

“We offer software so people can get into creating everything on their own if they like that,” she said. “Some people want those items right on their computer, and we teach them to do their own creating.”

Arthur said she can host house parties, parties on the go, workshops, annual events and fundraisers, or just help an individual to order something online.

“I can teach one-on-one lessons to organize photos, create theme projects and create your first Creative Memories page,” she said. “I also know about quick photo solutions and digital software for those customers who have their photos on their computers. Creative Memories offers an array of different solutions.”
To contact Arthur, call (602) 321-1356 or e-mail

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