Officer Jose V. Quintero, Jr. is sworn in by Chief Judge Delbert Ray.

Two Graduate from Law Officers Training Academy

By Marla Baptisto
Au-Authm Action News

Jose V. Quintero, Jr., a member of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, and Kenneth O’Neal Kelly graduated from the Central Arizona Regional Law Officers Training Academy on October 21. They began at the academy on June 20. In the end, 13 recruits from 12 different police departments made it to graduation day.

The graduation festivities started off with a “check off”at 1 p.m. This was the recruits final inspection when the Academy Training Instructors have the recruits dress out in their police uniform and the instructors conduct an inspection, making sure they look presentable for the ceremony.

After the check off the actual ceremony began at 2 p.m. The program lasted for about three hours, with special awards presentations, presentation of certificates and badges, and a class video presentation showing some of what the recruits went through during their training.

Kelly and Quintero will continue their Field Training Officer (FTO) program for another 12 weeks. During this time, they will be paired up with an experienced officer who will continue to train them on procedural processes of police work specific to the Salt River Police Department. The 12 weeks are divided into four phases, each lasting three weeks. During each phase, each new officer will be assigned a new trainer­ and may be assigned to a different station. The purpose of the phases is to provide the new officers with opportunities to work with different trainers and experience police work on the Community during the day shift, swing shift and night shift. The new officers will not have an assigned station until they reach Solo Officer status.

Both officers passed the physical agility training, written test, oral interviews and a very extensive background check before they were hired. By the time they reach Solo Officer status, their entire hiring process, training and probation period will have been nearly 18 months. Both Quintero and Kelly have shown heart and dedication and will proudly serve the Community.

“The addition of these two officers will benefit the Community in many ways. With new officers starting, the police department could add personnel to patrol, which increases and improves services to the Community,” SRPD Sgt. Jonathan Gann said. “The additional staffing can help reduce response times to calls for service, increase visibility that would prevent crime, and help solve crimes quicker, making the Community an overall safer place.”

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