Mary Page Taylor (l) and Angelica Gonzales perform Forever and Always by Taylor Swift during the SRPMIC 2010 Talent Show.

School Talent Show a Sold-out Event

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community members and students from Salt River Elementary School (SRES) and Salt River High School (SRHS) showed off their individual talents in singing, dancing, playing an instrument and more at the sixth annual SRPMIC Talent Show. The show was held at Salt River High School's auditorium on April 23. The auditorium holds 475 people, but families and friends were sitting in the aisles all the way to the stage. Law enforcement officials and security had to come into the building and send about 50 individuals away because of the fire hazard that was being created with too many people packed into the auditorium.

"It was really great to see that many people come to the talent show," said Alvaro Canes.

Once the program started, Masters of Ceremonies Hosteen Begay-Smith and Luis Lopez, who are students at SRHS, introduced the contestants, beginning with the elementary performers. Eight children competed for best talent, including Cora Tanner and Toa Olmedo, who danced to "I'm a Be" by the Black Eyed Peas, and Charles Tanner, who showed off his rapping skills.

Next onstage were six junior high students. Highlights of these performances included Dakota Loring, who performed a stand-up comedy routine; and Mary Page and Angelica Gonzales, who both sang and took turns playing instruments to Taylor Swift's "Forever and Always." Another junior-high student, Adam Perez, had the crowd in awe as he demonstrated to everyone that he was able to solve a Rubik's Cube puzzle in less than two minutes.

The five SRHS students shined at their talents, including Peno Galvan playing a chicken-scratch number. Galvin has been playing the violin since seventh grade. And Mah Vic Maston played a video that he created that was similar to his favorite TV show, Robot Chicken.

"The crowd grows each year for the talent show," said Canes. "Next year we will be hosting the show in a bigger facility; that way more families can sit comfortably in the seats."



First - Ronald Dash
Second - Elijah Lewis
Third - Cora Tanner & Toa
Fourth - Wu Krew

Junior High
First - Boys & Girls Club-Sitake’s Group
Second - Mary Page Taylor & Angelica Gonzalez
Third - Adam Perez
Fourth - Dakota Loring

High School
First - High Voltage
Second - Peno Galvan
Third - Mah-Vic Masten
Fourth - Jeremiah Shaw

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School Talent Show a Sold-out Event