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Ranger Unit Update

By Ranger Officer Steven Perkins

Salt River Police Department

As spring returns to the desert, the Salt River is a place of tranquility. Because of winter storms, many of the roads and normal beach areas at the river (“Whirlpool,” Pole 3, “Three Poles” and Pole 17) have been washed out, so please be aware of this—drive and park carefully. The water is flowing extremely fast, and everyone should be very careful when swimming. Bartlett Lake and the lower Salt and Verde rivers were stocked with fish in late March.

Bald Eagles
The eagle chicks are here, and it is very important to keep our nests safe and secure. I have been fortunate enough to personally meet our eagle chicks, and so far they are looking very healthy. I will keep you posted on the next six weeks of their progress.

Please remember that if you would like to watch the eagles, you must do so from a distance of at least 500 feet—get your binoculars and zoom lenses. The Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community is very fortunate to have Nest Watchers, and they will call the Salt River Police Department if they see anybody or any vehicle near the nests. If the bald eagles are disturbed, they will leave their nest and abandon the eaglets (chicks), which would negatively impact their survival.

Just a reminder per Community Ordinance 12-24, any dog over the age of 4 months must have a current license and collar. Mike Campbell has been very accommodating and has set up another rabies vaccination clinic. It will be held on May 1, in Salt River from 9 to 10:30 a.m. and in Lehi from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Fire Danger
Our plant life is flourishing, showing the colors and fragrances of spring. However, with less rain now, the ground is drying out. If you decide to have a campfire or barbecue on the range or at the river, be very careful due to a high and predictably soon extreme brush fire danger (SRCO 6-108).

Wood Permits
Gathering wood requires a permit per SRCO 6-106. Please go to the SRPD Administration Building (the old Finance building) and the front desk staff will issue the permit. You will need to bring your Tribal ID.

Hunting and Fishing
I have been asked by Community members, “Do I need a special license to hunt or fish in my Community?” The answer is no; all you need is your Tribal ID (SRCO 15-11). There are no other licenses needed at this time for Community members to hunt or fish within the boundaries of the Community. However, if you want to bring along a non-Community member, you need to go to SRPMIC Administration and obtain a special-use permit (SRCO 15-12).

• No alcoholic beverages are permitted at the river (SRCO-14-14d, 22a & b).
• Be sure to have your Tribal ID with you wherever you go in the range or at the river, because the rangers are conducting random checks.
• Above all—Be Safe, and call the Salt River Police Department if you need any assistance.

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