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Arnold "Zookie" Thomas gets ready to stop the play.

Arnold “Zookie” Thomas Plays Football for National Youth Sports League

Submitted By Zookie Thomas Family

Au-Authm Action News

Name: Arnold “Zookie” Thomas
Age: 9-year-old turned 10 during season
Parents: Arnold and Izzandra (Hicks) Thomas

What made you want to play football? I watched two of my friends play Pop Warner football.

What league are you playing in? NYS-National Youth Sports, 8 to 10 years, 8 man tackle football.

How did you get into this league? One of my friends who played Pop Warner told me about it.

Why did you choose to play in this League? I wanted to play with my friend, since it was my first time playing tackle football.

How long have you been playing in this league? I played for two seasons, the first season our team name was the Warriors, we went 6-2. For the second season we changed our name to the Raiders because that was my coaches favorite team, we went 3-5 we should have stayed the Warriors because we played like the NFL Raiders but we had a better record than them! (Ha, ha, Robin).

What do you like about the league you’re in? It helped me eat healthier and exercise more because there are weight limits for each age. The coaches were great in showing me how to play.

Do you find this league to be competitive? Why? Yes, because everyone plays hard to win.
Have you played in any other leagues besides the one you’re in now? I played in the NFL flag football league in Ft McDowell and the Friendship leagues here in Salt River

Where were your league games played at? The first season we played at Gilbert Jr High school and the second season the game sites varied.

Do you play any other sports? Yeah, I play baseball, co-ed softball, soccer, flag football, kickball and volleyball.

Do you have a favorite NFL football team? Why? The Dallas Cowboys, because they were the first NFL team I saw play live in their stadium and it was exciting being there.

How did you get your nickname and what does it mean? Ask my mom and dad.

Who is your biggest role model? My dad, because he helps me with my homework and all the sports I play.

Who is your favorite player? DeMarcus Ware #94 he plays for the Dallas Cowboys.

What is your favorite position to play? Defensive lineman, so I can tackle the players and sack the quarterback, I made several tackles and one sack.

What do you do when you get frustrated? Play harder and I never give up.

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Arnold “Zookie” Thomas Plays Football for National Youth Sports League