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East Valley Holiday DUI Task Force Update

By By Sgt. Anthony Sandoval


Over Cinco de Mayo (May 5-8), the Salt River Police Department Traffic Enforcement Bureau (TEB), Field Operations Division (FOD) and Public Safety Communications Division (PSCD) dispatchers conducted an East Valley Holiday DUI Task Force. The DUI task force operated within the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. The goals were to enforce tribal and state traffic laws, specifically focusing on impaired drivers, as well as to educate drivers, to increase roadway safety within the Community, and to reduce collisions-especially serious-injury and fatal collisions.
During the task force, SRPD officers assigned to the event conducted 305 traffic stops within the Community. These resulted in:
* 25 DUI arrests, 23 from task force officers and two from FOD officers. The arrests included five extreme-DUI (blood alcohol concentration above .15), one super-extreme DUI (above .20), and two aggravated DUI felony arrests.
* 232 written warnings issued and 181 citations issued
* 3 warrant arrests (misdemeanor stateside)
* 76 speed violations
* 11 driving on suspended license (DOSL) violations
* 22 stop sign/red light violations
This dramatic increase in DUI detection and investigation can be directly attributed to the increased vehicular traffic within the Community, increased assigned police staff, DUI detection training, having a drug-recognition expert on staff, and use of phlebotomy (blood drawing) services. Throughout the task force, there was excellent communication and coordination with FOD, PSCD communications dispatchers and our Records Bureau team members.
To help cover this Special Operation, 177 hours of overtime was paid through a grant from the Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety, a savings to our Community of about $7,000.
SRPD officers and dispatchers who worked the DUI Task Force included myself and the TEB Team: Off. Stanley Trott, Off. Louis Lombari, Off. Christopher Morin, Off. Forest Wood and Off. Travis Mathews. The FOD team members were Cpl. Harman Wadia, Off. Brandon Anderson, Off. Mathew Dunn, Off. Jair Cabrera, Off. Izzak Hoch and Off. Alejandro Navarro.
A very special thank-you to all the SRPD Officers and the PSCD Communications dispatchers and Records Bureau team members (Margaret Miles, Shalane Aguirre and Kirsten Hawee for on-call TS reports) who worked this Special Operation. They worked various shifts and on their days off, sacrificing time with their families to serve and protect the Community.

Stay safe! Remember:
Don't drink and drive, buckle up yourself and your children, obey all traffic laws, and drive safely.

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