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Phoenix Suns forward Alando Tucker speaks to Salt River High School juniors and seniors about the importance of education.

Phoenix Suns Forward Alando Tucker Visits Salt River High School

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

Phoenix Suns forward Alando Tucker, No. 29, made a guest appearance at Salt River High School on December 10 to talk with the juniors and seniors about the importance of education. He told the students how he made his mother proud when he received his high school diploma. “The smile on her face made it worth it,” said Tucker. “And when I graduated from college, it was even better.”

He shared with the audience that he not only loves to play basketball, but he also likes music. “I grew up in Chicago where I was around a lot of music,” said Tucker. “I was able to write a lot of music for some artists.” He went on to explain how he had to learn about music and that it involves writing skills. He also learned about musical plays.

Tucker attended the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He said that college gives young adults a chance to make an important step in their personal development: to move away from your parents and gain personal experiences, such as meeting new people, developing friendships, and gaining independence as well as knowledge. The students all listened intently to Tucker’s speech, and then he invited them to ask questions.

Some of the students asked Tucker how tall is he, where he came from, how he got injured, what the older players make him do as a rookie on the team, and what was his most difficult subject in college.

Then it was Tucker’s turn to ask the students questions. He asked trivia questions about the Phoenix Suns; winners received game tickets.

Tucker played five seasons of college basketball at the University of Wisconsin–Madison before becoming a pro with the Phoenix Suns.

“The message for tonight is to really think about high school graduation,” said SRHS Principal Mike McCarthy. McCarthy expressed to the students that it is very important that they make high school graduation their goal, and he encouraged them to set their goals very high and to not stop working toward them.

After the presentation, students were able to get autographs from Tucker and ask him some more questions.

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