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Social Programs staff and parents play hockey with Super Kids Club children at the Pi-Copa Gym.

Super Kids Sports Day

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

It was a day of fun, physical activity and socializing at the Community Building on January 27 for Super Kids Sports Day. The Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Recreation Department’s Social Programs division hosted its Super Kids Club families for the evening, which was designed to provide fun while doing physical activities and promoting social skills for children with disabilities.

“The night introduced fitness and sports to these children,” said Joe Romero, a leader for Social Programs, “and gave them some self-esteem.”

The Recreation Department staff had three to five families participate in each game: volleyball, hockey, T-ball and kickball. The gym was filled with laughter from the children as they played either against their parents or on the same team with them.

The Super Kids Club children learned about team-building and having fun with the whole family. Even though there were no referees to blow the whistle, the children got a chance to see what it’s like to play sports.

“We wanted to familiarize the children with sports and let them get a chance to see whether they like them or not,” said Romero. “Some of the children see other children playing sports at school, so we wanted them to get a feel for some of the sports.”

For some of the games the staff used larger balls so the children could handle them easily. No game was too intense for any child to play, and each child showed interest in every sport.

“I enjoyed the Sports Night. The kids seemed to enjoy watching their parents play sports and have a good time,” said parent Esther Reina. “I really like the Super Kids program because they come up with different ideas for the kids to do; I would like to thank the Recreation Department for having the Super Kids program once a month.”

The Super Kids Club hosts two activities each month for the Community’s special-needs families. For more information on upcoming events, contact the Recreation Department at (480) 362-6360.

Super Kids Sports Day
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