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In the championship game,Thomas Rodriguez of Rez Runners New and Improved jumps above a player from Rez Runners 07, to make a basket.

Men's All Indian New Years Basketball Tournament

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

While some people make New Year’s resolutions about getting fit or saving money, this year the athletes who participated in the Men’s All-Indian New Year’s Basketball Tournament made a resolution to win some games. The Salt River Recreation Department began the 2010 season with the annual tournament, held January 14–16 at the Pi-Copa Gym. Sixteen teams competed.

“The games were really good. We got to play a lot, and the teams were better this time,” said Lance Martin of Team Lehi. As for his New Year’s resolution, Martin said he was pretty much trying to stay out of trouble and wanted to win a championship game, hopefully in this tournament. But in the end, Lehi would come up short.

On Saturday evening, the tournament started to get interesting as the Warriors and Lehi battled for fourth place. The Warriors lost to Lehi, giving them fourth place in the tournament; Lehi would move on to the next game that evening, against the Rez Runners New and Improved team.

Lehi did not have their usual speed, especially since this was their second game that evening, which gave the Rez Runners a slight advantage. The final score would be 94-79, and the Rez Runners New and Improved would move up the bracket, leaving Lehi in third place.

In the championship game, Rez Runners New and Improved had a chance to prove themselves against Rez Runners 07. Jordan Stroud and teammate Tom Rodriguez of Rez Runners New and Improved made several three-pointers for the team, which helped them clinch the championship with a final score of 79-49.




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