Community member Judy King enjoys her retirement making blankets that are all hand-stitched. King holds up two of her blankets that sold within the first 10 minutes of her setting up her booth.

Senior Bazaar Gives Shoppers a Chance to Purchase Gifts Early

By Angela Willeford
Au-Authm Action News

Months, hours and minutes of hard work on craft items came full circle as the seniors at the Salt River Senior Center held a bazaar on November 13 to sell blankets, quilts, jewelry, T-shirts, baked goods and other food items. The Salt River Senior Bazaar also gave other vendors a chance to come out and sell to make some money.

The event fell on a brisk Saturday morning, and the weather could not have had been more perfect when the doors opened at 8 a.m. Some seniors still bustled around setting up their booths while some sat behind the tables, ready for business. The bazaar drew in numerous vendors and shoppers who enjoyed the morning and each other’s company.

Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community member Judy King set out her blankets, and within five minutes Community member Burleigh Enas had snatched one up, one with a blue bonnet pattern.

King said that she is saving her money so that she can go on an Alaskan cruise that she has been planning since she was a child. Not even 10 minutes after her first buyer, another woman came up and looked at King’s pink bonnet-pattern blanket. It too sold within minutes.

King said all her blanket designs are hand-stitched; her son bought her a brand-new sewing machine, but she isn’t proficient with it so she sticks to using her hands. It takes her two weeks to make one blanket. King also designed what she jokingly calls a “jug blanket”—it’s a breastfeeding cover that enables a mother to see her child as it nurses and also has a built-in burp cloth.

Senior Center regulars Pearl Schurz, Alba Narcia, Ramona Loring and Loretta Baptisto sold the items that they had been working on at the Senior Center. Their proceeds will go directly back to the Senior Center to bring in new craft materials. The seniors also raffled off their “crazy chicken quilt” at the bazaar.

Members of the Salt River Dialysis Support Group were also on hand. Delores McGertt stayed up late the night before the bazaar making pies.

“Every year we make cookies and cakes, and this year I wanted to change it up,” she said. She had an assortment of blueberry, apple and other pies. The funds raised will help support the dialysis group in a variety of ways.

Tohono O’odham Community member Vernon Segundo sold his cakes at the bazaar. A resident of Sells, Segundo is a young man who enjoys baking, and he can be found with his baked goodies at many Salt River events. This time he designed a Christmas tree out of miniature cupcakes, and he sold individual slices of cake.

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