Rito Lopez, Jr. hoop-dances with his uncles Tony and Kevin Duncan from the Yellow Bird Dancers.

SRHS Holds First Annual Social Gathering

By Tasha Silverhorn
Au-Authm Action News

Salt River High School hosted its First Annual Social Gathering on November 13. The gathering was centered around the 2010 school theme, “I am the One.” The theme is designed to encourage the students that they can make a difference in their family and community by making positive choices.

“We [parents and SRHS staff] felt the young people needed to hear from grownups that we believe in them,” said SRHS Executive Secretary LaRue Smith.
Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community organizations, the dance groups and Community families set up their booths, tents and lawn chairs on the school’s football field. The day started with the posting of the colors by the JROTC, followed by performances from the SRPMIC Traditional Basket Dancers and the Youth Services Cultural Dancers.

Dancing continued throughout the afternoon, with performances by the Yellow Bird Dancers, O’odham Himdak Cudkam and the Cupa Traditional Bird Singers and Dancers. Once the performances were complete, a Piipaash Bird Dance contest took place. The evening ended with O’odham and Piipaash social dancing and a prize giveaway.

Spectators were able to pick up the latest information on different Community groups and organizations, and food was provided by the SRHS 2010 senior class.

Prior to the social gathering, SRHS held its Miss and Jr. Miss Salt River High School pageant. The contestants for Miss Salt River High School were Dakota Loring, Angelica Gonzalez and Mary-Page Taylor. The Jr. Miss Salt River High School contestant was Stephanie Gonzalez, who won the title. The title of Miss Salt River High School went to Angelica Gonzalez, first attendant is Mary-Page Taylor, and second attendant is Dakota Loring.

Organizers of the event would like to give a special thank-you to their sponsors and supporters. Salt River Materials Group and Casino Arizona donated 4,000 bottles of water, and Saddleback Communications provided the audio and sound system. The other sponsors were On Auk Mor, JR’s Convenience Store, the Salt River Tribal Council, Salt River Education School Board and the SRHS Native American Club.

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