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Mary Jane Ontiveros (center) attends Whittier Elementary in Mesa, her mom Lori Calderon (standing behind her) is a big inspiration to her. Also pictured is Subway owner Mark Roden and Jennifer Joe, her mentor from the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Scottsdale Red Mountain Branch.

Boys & Girls Club Member Wins Essay Contest

By Angela Willeford
Au-Authm Action News

Fifth grader Mary Jane Ontiveros won the Subway Freshest, Fittest kid in Arizona essay contest for 2010. Kids throughout the valley were asked to write what their organization does to help them live healthier and happy lives.

According to Brian Yazzie, director of Native American Services, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale, “This is the second time in the past three years that one of our members from the Boys & Girls Club has won this essay contest.”
Ontiveros received a gift basket from Subway and tickets for the club to attend next Saturday Subway 600 at PIR.

“It’s great that I got the award,” said Ontiveros. “I plan to take my family to the Nascar races. Here at Boy & Girls club they teach us so much stuff about nutrition.”

Below is a copy of Mary Jane’s winning essay.

My name is Mary Jane Ontiveros and I am in 5th grade. My mentor, Jennifer Joe is a staff member at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Scottsdale Red Mountain Branch. I enjoy my time at school: math, music, science and geography are my favorite subjects because they are challenging and fun. I also enjoy going to America Reads for tutoring at the Lehi Branch. My evenings are spent with my family; we usually go running at Papago Park when I come home. At times it’s difficult to get our bikes ready to go to the park because the tires are flattened.

My friends are sometimes weird which is why at times I tend not to have time for them. My parents encourage me to find other activities to do and stay away from bad influences. Sometimes my friends tease and have fun but teasing too much can be annoying. I exercise most of the week with my family Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and know the importance of doing physical activities.

I take care of myself by making sure my diet is healthy and that I’m eating vegetables and fruit. It is important to take care of my health and eating the right foods and staying away from junk food is a good habit. I learned that if we put a nail in a can of soda it will dissolve the nail in two exact days. Caffeine found in the soda can lead to bone loss and the high sugar content can cause other problems and leads to diabetes.

The Boys and Girls club is a good quality organization. Since I have been going to Red Mountain Branch we learn about healthy foods and the activities teach us how to keep our bodies healthy and make fitness goals. We learn about staying away from drugs, and making good choices. We also learn about to make our own gardens and the about our tribes history with the land.

The Club brings joy to other club members and this club is a very good Branch. Everyone is welcome and any parent would feel welcome at Red Mountain because it is a good place to be. I’m taking better care of myself and that’s one of the reasons it has made a good impact on me. The staff is helpful and caring it’s a cool place and I love it here.

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