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Ranger Unit Update

By Ranger Officer Steven Perkins

Salt River Police Department

First, let me say thank you to those who commented on my previous Ranger Bureau article in Au-Authm Action News. It was my first.

Bald Eagles
We have a new bald eagle’s nest along the Salt River. You will not be able to get too close to this nest. Again, I have been asked by federal and local agencies, as well as the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Department (EPNR), to encourage you to enjoy our eagles from a distance of 250 feet or more. So bring your binoculars.

This is their nesting time when they are laying eggs, and absolutely no one should be in the area of the nests. The Community is very fortunate to have eagle watchers, and they will call the police if they see anybody or any vehicle near an eagle’s nest. If the bald eagles are disturbed, they will leave and could abandon their eaglets (chicks).

We have received several inquiries about dogs in the Community. There have been a lot of Community members stating that a dog was simply dropped off at a location and wondering if that is a violation of law. The answer is yes, it could be a violation of Salt River Community Ordinance 12-27 or Arizona Revised Statutes 13-2910. Should you observe someone “dropping off” a dog, please call the Salt River Police Department at (480) 850-9230 and try to provide specific information such as location, vehicle description, license plate number, and person(s) involved or observed.

We have also received inquiries about dog licensing laws or leash laws. According to SRO 12-24, any dog older than four months must have a current license and collar, or else if picked up it will go to doggy jail (Animal Control). Please get your dogs vaccinated for their health and yours, and get them licensed.

Range Report
The wildlife is flourishing; I have seen a lot of birds (quail and dove), bobcats and coyotes. When hunting ducks and geese, all hunters (including Community members) must have in their possession a Migratory Bird Stamp. You can purchase the stamp at any sporting goods store that sells Arizona Game and Fish licenses. If someone is caught without a valid license and/or stamp while hunting, they may be in violation of federal law and subject to arrest.

Wood Permits
People have asked where to get their wood-cutting permit. Please go to the SRPD Administration Building (the old Finance building, east of the Community Court building). Please bring your Tribal ID and the staff can usually provide you with a permit while you wait. Always have your Tribal ID with you wherever you are out on the range or at the river.

With all of the rain lately, many of the roads at the river have been washed out, so please drive safely!

Have a safe and happy visit to the river. A few reminders:
• ALWAYS watch your kids around water.
• Please use caution with fires at the river.
• Alcohol is not allowed at the river.
Above all, BE SAFE and call the Salt River Police Department if you need any assistance.

This is your Community, so go out and enjoy it—be safe and be kind to the environment.

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