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Enjoying the River: Safety Around Our Natural Waterways

As people of Salt River, we know how to stay cool in the Valley’s extreme temperatures. One of the major ways is to take a dip in the cool waters of the Verde River, a tradition for many Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community members.

While enjoying the river we have to always remember safety first. Our natural waterways may feel like home to us, but they also have their share of dangers, from fast currents to the wildlife that share the river with us.

When heading out to the river, be sure to pack some essentials before your day of fun:

The river may have some dangers that many overlook. Some key things to be aware of when at the river:

Knowing and being aware of the dangers can help to prevent emergencies, while also making the trip a fun experience for all who are enjoying the river. Have a fun and save summer, remember to respect the water and never underestimate the river.

CPR certification is provided by SRPMIC Health and Human Services, (480) 362-5568.

Swimming lessons are offered by the SRPMIC Recreation Department; for information call (480) 362-6360.