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Meet the School & Community Relations Department of Salt River Schools

The School & Community Relations (SCR) department at Salt River Schools has much to offer Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community families.

The department’s objective is academic success for all students, no matter which school they attend. Community members age 5 to 17, living on and off the Community, are eligible for SCR services.

SCR’s mission is “to promote understanding and encourage effective communication between schools, SRPMIC Education, Community parents and students for the purpose of improving attendance, supporting academic excellence and removing any barriers to learning.” SCR serves almost 1,700 students.

Community member Michelle Tenorio is thankful that she reached out to SCR for help with her son, who at the time was attending Mountain View High School in Mesa. SCR helped transition her son to Salt River’s Accelerated Learning Academy and get on the path to success, Tenorio said.

“When we brought him here, he was a whole different kid,” she said. “He was getting his homework in; his grades were coming up. He graduated as a ‘B’ student compared to an ‘F’ student.”

SCR has also helped Tenorio’s daughter, who also now attends ALA after transferring from Mountain View. She also works at Target as a cashier and will be a senior next school year. “Her grades are good and she’s keeping it up,” Tenorio said.

Tenorio, who works at the Salt River Fitness Center, encourages Community families to learn more about SCR and “realize there are services out there that can be helpful to the kids and family,” she said.

SCR’s biggest annual event is the Back to School Bash for school supplies, held at the beginning of the school year. The event is also an opportunity to meet and greet SCR staff and learn about the many services they offer. SCR also helps with the annual Graduation Recognition Program, which is scheduled for June 21 this year.

Go to class, get rewards: Students with perfect attendance and academic excellence receive incentives, such as a trip to the Student Store. Financial assistance might also be available.

The SCR office is near the ALA, across Longmore Road and the Salt River Community Building. Education Program Manager Miranda Johnson leads SCR.

“The Community values its children and understand the importance of supporting and guiding them to become successful individuals,” Johnson said. “We hope that, by promoting and encouraging academic excellence and regular school attendance, the Community children will understand the importance of education.”

For more SCR information, call (480) 362-2500 or visit