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SRPMIC Administrative Support Services

Administrative support staff (L-R): Dorine Andrews, Veronica Ramirez, Emily King, Davina Rhoades, Renata Riena, Shannon Bocardo and Heaven Sepulveda.
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The members of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Administrative Support Team are the front lines and faces of the Community: Emily King, Shannon Bocardo, Davina Rhoades, Veronica Ramirez, Renata Riena, Heaven Sepulveda and Dorine Andrews. They call themselves the ACES (Administrative Customer Excellence Service) team and strive to deliver customer-service excellence to Community members, guests and SRPMIC Administration.

Besides providing secretarial support to the Administration and the Executive Administration offices, this team manages three major Community programs:

Minors Trust Program—Staff act as liaisons between the parents/guardians and Providence First Trust Company to provide financial assistance for minors and young adults.

Lease Loan Program—Governed by Council Policy 1-12, this program assists SRPMIC-member landowners in times of financial hardship.

Funeral Loan Program—Governed by Council Policy 1-12, this program assists SRPMIC members financially during loss of a family member.

Besides overseeing these three programs, the team also handles the main government phone line, which receives approximately 33,000 calls a year. They listen, answer questions and transfer calls to departments.

Most of the Administrative Support Team are certified notaries. When called upon, they will travel to hospitals or nursing homes to notarize documents for seniors and people with disabilities.

The Administrative Support Team assists at various Council-sponsored meetings and events outside normal working hours, such as the Community-member-only meetings, Council senior quarterly meetings, candidate forums, the SRPMIC Inauguration and more.

The Administrative Support Team also participates in various Community social events such as Community Day, the Wellness Fair, Earth Day, the Memorial Day program and the Veterans Parade, to name a few. Information on the Administrative Support team’s services is shared and promoted at these events.

All staff are cross-trained, and the team’s responsibilities are shared by all.

Your Administrative Support Team is proud to be part of a great tribal organization and is very happy to serve the Administration Department and SRPMIC.

To contact the Administrative Support Team, call (480) 362-7400.