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Galaxy Girlz Creating a Cleaner Future

Galaxy Girlz (L-R) Katie Wood (9), Sienna Primeaux (10), Unique Boston (9). Not Pictured Lily Choen (9)

The youth at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale, Lehi Branch are learning more than just schoolwork.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is a program offered at the branch that brings students into small groups to create special projects. A branch of this project is called STEM Mentoring, where mentors from the Big Brothers Big Sisters come in to help kids with their projects.

The program is set up into three modules. The first involves creating a solution using Lego® bricks. Second, students implement the more mathematical part of the project. Finally, projects end with a focus on science.

Each semester, students learn new skills that have them creating something from scratch while having fun.

This semester, a group of four girls, called the “Galaxy Girlz,” have learned about the importance of water and how scarce it is in Africa. To help combat this real-world issue, they learned how to create a water-filtration system for their STEM project. The Galaxy Girlz made it fun by creating a wheel that children can play with; as children turn the wheel, the wheel pushes the dirty water out, leaving clean water for consuming, washing and storage. Such a system can benefit people in developing countries. The project was made out of Lego® bricks and was connected to a program on their laptop.

The Galaxy Girlz are fixing the motor to make sure the clean water enters the pool. The group said they learned the importance of not wasting water and keeping our water clean.
These 9-year-old girls are already learning basic engineering principles to help solve major problems that could meet essential needs in the future. Creating a program that caters to children in a way that they are exploring complex issues while still having fun helps youth learn the skills needed for cooperation and problem-solving.