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Vice President Martin Harvier

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"As Vice President, I support families living healthier lifestyles, whether physically or emotionally. Community health as a whole is important and I strongly support education because I believe this will create opportunities, culturally and economically, for the present and future state of the Community."

Martin Harvier took office as Vice President of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community (SRP-MIC) in December 2006.

As Vice President, Harvier supports improving education for Community members and creating opportunities for cultural preservation and promotion. He notes that the Pima were a peaceful people and believes these feelings could come back into the hearts of families if people know who they are. As Vice President, he will support educational and health-based programming that furthers theses goals.

Harvier grew up in Poston, Ariz., and when he was in the sixth grade, his family relocated to Sacaton, Ariz., where Harvier attended the Bureau of Indian Affairs School. He graduated from Casa Grande High School in 1977.

When Harvier was 19 years old, his father was diagnosed with cancer, and in 1979 lost his battle with the disease. Martin Harvier became the sole support for his mother, three sisters and two brothers. He worked as a chain man on a survey crew for the Gila River Indian Community, and then as a plant mechanic and welder for a company located on the Salt River Indian Community for 11 years.

In 1996, the SRPMIC hired Harvier as a civil tech soils tester. In 1998, he was promoted to plant manager of a water pump station, and until assuming the office of Vice President, served as the acting Irrigation Manager for the Community. In his spare time, he coached the Salt River High School baseball team for four years.

Although he was not able to continue his education, Harvier has made a point of watching and learning by example. He is committed to treating people with respect and believes that you can tell a lot about someone by how he or she treats others.

Harvier and his wife Toni are the proud parents of five children and one grandchild. When not working for the Community or involved with his family, Vice President Harvier is an avid sports fan.