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Traffic Enforcement Bureau

[PHOTO - Traffic Enforcement Bureau Group]
Off. Forest Wood, Off. Lou Lombari, and Off. Stanley Trott standing next to their police motorcycles and our "Speed Trailer", this device is used for both educational and enforcement purposes.
[PHOTO - Traffic Enforcement Bureau Group]
[PHOTO - Motorcycle Training]
[PHOTO - Motorcycle Training]
[PHOTO - Police Vehicle]
[PHOTO - Police Vehicle]
[LOGO - Traffic Bureau]


The Salt River Police Traffic Bureau is responsible for ensuring that all streets of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community are as safe as possible for its citizens, by enforcing all Tribal, State and Federal motor vehicle laws and removing unsafe drivers and vehicles from the roadways.

The Traffic Bureau conducts various traffic functions including: the investigation of traffic collisions (including serious and fatal collisions), responding to traffic complaints, collision reduction enforcement, school zone enforcement, DUI investigation/enforcement, commercial vehicle inspections, and traffic collision analysis. Traffic Bureau is dedicated to reducing injuries and fatalities caused by vehicle collisions through Enforcement and Education. Traffic Officers also enforce and investigate traffic laws, as well as educate our citizens through traffic safety seminars and presentations. The Traffic Bureau is also responsible for providing the Salt River Police Department Officers with the latest training related to DUI and traffic collision investigations.

Traffic Enforcement Bureau History

Salt River Police Department Traffic Bureau was established in February, 1998 with one Kawasaki police motorcycle and one motor officer, Stanley R. Trott, who was the first full time motor officer in Indian Country. Other Indian police departments had a few motor officers, but these were part-time, mainly used in ceremonial functions or special occasions. In 1999, a second motorcycle officer was added expanding the unit to two officers. Since then, the bureau has grown to today's current status covering day and night time shifts consisting of six sworn personnel include 1 sergeant and 5 motorcycle officers (Motors).


Motor officers are trained through an AZPOST-certified motor officer training program. The training consists of an intensive two week slow cone and braking maneuvers course, one week of road riding and two weeks of field training with another certified motorcycle officer. Most motorcycle officers have several years experience before being able to be considered for selection into the traffic unit and must show proficiency in traffic laws, collision investigation and DUI enforcement before applying.

Many of the motorcycle Officers have had additional training and are certified as; reconstructionists, drug recognition experts, HGN/SFST instructors, radar instructors, and commercial truck inspectors.


The Traffic Bureau primarily utilizes the BMW R1150RT-P and R1200RT-P police motorcycles; standard police vehicles to include a low profile Chevrolet Tahoe; speed radar trailer; and moving radar for aggressive driving enforcement.

The Traffic Bureau is responsible for investigating vehicle collisions and vehicular homicides. Modern and innovative equipment is used to assure the accuracy of each investigation. The traffic investigators use the Nikon AIMS System (Accident Investigation Mapping System) to measure serious injury or fatal collision scenes. The AIMS System consists of a total station survey instrument supported by a computer software program designed specifically to record traffic related crime scenes. A Vericom 3000 electronic accelerometer is used by the investigators to conduct vehicle brake testing and acceleration or performance testing for a variety of applications including measuring the G-force (acceleration factor, drag factor) 100 times per second. The Vericom accurately measures average G Force and precisely calculates vehicle speed, time and distance.

DUI Abatement and Drug Recognition Expert

The Traffic Bureau patrols weekend nights with a goal to detect, investigate, and arrest impaired drivers. Specially trained drug recognition experts detect those motorists who are impaired by prescription or illicit drugs. The Traffic Bureau regularly joins forces with the various agencies of the East Valley DUI Task Force during major holiday weekends, special events, or DUI-specific campaigns to remove impaired drivers from our streets.

Collision Reconstruction

The Traffic Bureau currently has two collision reconstruction specialists. These individuals have all received specialized training in the field of collision investigation and reconstruction. This training allows these persons to thoroughly investigate a collision and determine exactly how it happened. The application of mathematics and physics are an important part of this process. These individuals are often called upon to provide expert testimony in Tribal, State and Federal Courts of law.

Commercial Vehicle Safety Specialists (CVSS)

Three officers are certified as CVSS (Commercial Vehicle Safety Specialist). These officers are certified to enforce state-adapted federal motor carrier regulations. The duties of the CVSS include commercial vehicle examinations, weight and size enforcement, hazardous material transportation, and commercial driver inspections.

Both the driver and the motor carrier (company owner) must maintain the vehicle in a safe operating condition and are subject to stiff penalties if they do not comply. The CVSS insures that the commercial driver and equipment are safe for SRPMIC's roadways.

Note: Not all vehicles used by businesses are considered to be commercial vehicles by federal motor carrier regulations. The vehicle must be rated for a gross vehicle weight of over 18,001 lbs. In Arizona the driver does not need a commercial driver's license unless the vehicle's weight is 26,001 lbs. or more.

[PHOTO - Traffic Enforcement Bureau Group]
SRPD Traffic Enforcement Bureau (TEB): Off. Mathews, Sgt. Sandoval, Off. Lombari, Off. Trott Off. Morin and Off. Wood.
[PHOTO - Traffic Enforcement Bureau Group]
Off. Travis Mathews, Sgt. Anthony Sandoval, Off. Stanley Trott, Off. Louis Lombari, Off. Christopher Morin, and Off. Forest Wood