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Ranger Bureau

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The Salt River Police Department Rangers' primary mission is a commitment to delivering the most efficient, effective, productive, and qualitative police services to the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community in the areas of environmental crimes and the protection of the Community's natural resources. In addition, the Rangers also respond to all animal problems within the Community and conduct high visibility patrol in the Salt / Verde River recreation areas during the summer months.

Ranger Team

The Ranger Team consists of a four member squad; Sergeant Jeremiah Rangel, Officer Steven Rope, Officer Fernando (Pete) Padilla, and Officer Steven Perkins. We believe our purpose is to focus on protecting the land, animals, natural resources, archeological sites, and the people of the Community utilizing proactive enforcement efforts. We further believe the Community should pass along a pristine environment for future generations.


The Rangers are all AZ POST certified law enforcement officers. The Rangers have also completed training to obtain their Special Law Enforcement Commission certification through the Bureau of Indian Affairs. In addition the Rangers have also been to special training in the areas of Archaeological Resources Protection Act and environmental crimes.

How to assist the Rangers

If you come across a situation that you feel requires the response of a Ranger such as; illegal dumping, archaeological violations, or the destruction or theft of native plants, here are some ideas of what you can do and what information we would need for a successful prosecution.

FROM A SAFE LOCATION, try to obtain the following:
The best description of the person(s) involved.
How many people are there?
What type of clothing are they wearing?
What are they doing?
What type of car or truck are they driving and what color is it?
Can you get a license plate number?
What was the last direction of travel?

You can report the incident by calling "911" or by calling Salt River Dispatch at (480) 850-9230.
Help keep the Community’s endangered Wildlife, Archaeological sites and Plant life thriving for future generations.