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[IMAGE - Salt River Police Department]

Police Patches and Coins

Police Patches

[IMAGE - SRPD Patch 2008] [IMAGE - SRPD Patch Millenium] [IMAGE - SRPD Cap Patch]
Current Patch - 2008 Special Millenium 2000 Patch Ball Cap Patch
[IMAGE - SRPD Patch 1980] [IMAGE - SRPD Patch 1970] [IMAGE - SRPD Patch 1967]
1980s Patch 1970s Patch 1967 First SRPD Patch
Created by Off. Harrison W. Rhoades


Department Lapel Pin 45th Anniversary Lapel Pin

Coins of Excellence

[IMAGE - SRPD Eagle Coin] [IMAGE - SRPD Millenium Coin]
Eagle Coin Millennium Coin
[IMAGE - SRPD 45th Anniversary Coin] [IMAGE - SRPD 45th Anniversary Coin]
45th Anniversary Coin - Front 45th Anniversary Coin - Back
[IMAGE - SRPD Coin of Excellence] [IMAGE - SRPD Coin of Excellence]
SRPD Coin of Excellence - Front SRPD Coin of Excellence - Back