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Off-Duty Officer Hiring Policy

The Salt River Police Department allows its police officers to be hired "off-duty" as temporary employment only within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community under the following conditions:

  1. Acceptance of temporary employment is conditioned upon the approval of the Chief of Police.
  2. Employees of the Salt River Police Department are subject to the mobilization (officer called to active police duty) by the Police Department and are required to respond to emergencies, felonies in progress and breeches of the peace occurring adjacent to any job site.
  3. Employee's working conditions and demeanor are subject to on-site inspection and review by the Salt River Police Department.
  4. Any employment of off-duty police officers must be arranged with the off-duty employment coordinator of the Police Department. The Salt River Police Department reserves the right to cancel or terminate any off-duty work agreement or engagement in emergency and other situations as determined by the Salt River Police Department's Chief of Police or designee.
  5. Police employees are considered to be an employee of the temporary employer for the purposes of Arizona worker's compensation laws and any injury resulting from such employment shall be the responsibility of the temporary employer.
  6. Employees may not engage in off-duty employment for more than four (04) hours per department-scheduled work day, or twenty four (24) hours per week.
  7. The temporary employer will cooperate fully in the prosecution of any arrests resulting from this temporary employment.
  8. Police-related temporary employment is authorized only within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.
  9. Temporary employers must purchase and maintain insurance, as evidenced by Certificate of Insurance before temporary employment begins:
    1. Statutory worker's compensation insurance and employer's liability of $500,000 each accident. $500,000 each disease and $500,000 policy limit. (Insurance carrier must send a copy of insurance policy to the Salt River Police Department.)
    2. Automobile liability insurance of one million dollars ($1,000,000), if the officer is required to operate a vehicle owned by the temporary employer. (Insurance carrier must send a copy of insurance policy to the Salt River Police Department)
  10. The fee for off-duty officers will be according to the following schedule and stipulations:
    1. Police officer: $45.00 per hour
    2. Large event stipulation: Large events require supervisor(s), normally when there are four (4) officers working an off-duty event, a sergeant is required. When there are two (2) sergeants working an event, a lieutenant is required. Below is the pay rate for these required Supervisors:
      • Sergeant: $60.00 per hour
      • Lieutenant: $70.00 per hour
    3. Minimum of 4 hours
    4. Holidays - add $5.00 to rates
    5. Specialty (plain clothes, SOU, etc.) - add $5.00 to rates
    6. 24-hour cancellation notice required, otherwise the minimum will be paid to the officer
    7. Officers must be paid within a reasonable amount of time
    8. 72-hour notice needed prior to hiring officer(s)

Salt River Police Department Off-Duty Events Coordinator telephone: 480-362-7982