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Mission Statement and Values

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Mission Statement

The Salt River Police Department is committed to a partnership of public SERVICE, the prevention of crime and the preservation of the peace, safety and order within the Salt River Indian Community.

We are committed to fostering an atmosphere of mutual RESPECT with all citizens we contact, by rendering service in a professional and courteous manner.

The Salt River Police Department will instill PROFESSIONALISM and "esprit de corps" in its officers by maintaining a quality work environment, along with effective training and leadership that will result in DEDICATED service-based policing.

Guiding Values


  • The Salt River Police Department is committed to preserving the peace.
  • The Department shall exercise the authority and responsibility necessary to protect life and property, apprehend persons who commit unlawful acts, and defend the rights of crime victims and witnesses.


  • The Department respects and honors the inherent dignity of all people, including ourselves and pledge fair and equal treatment for all.
  • The Department pledges total accountability for our actions and are committed to holding criminals answerable for theirs.


  • The Department demands the highest degree of integrity and professionalism from all members of the Police Department.
  • The Department aspires to the highest ideals of personal conduct in every word and deed, and our behavior should inspire and sustain the confidence of our Community.
  • The unique service the Department provides to the Community demands the highest degree of public trust and we will not tolerate the violation of that trust.


  • The Department is dedicated to the relentless performance of our duty in pursuit of an improved quality of life for all.
  • The Department pledges faithful police service to our Community, embracing equal measures of courage, compassion, conscience, and consistency.

Our Vision

We believe our traditional roles in Police work that include investigation, enforcement and suppression are indeed a high priority, equally we believe we must continue to focus more effort upon education and the prevention of crime, we are working hard every day toward that goal — improving the quality of life and preserving peace within the Salt River Indian Community.