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Vision Statement

The members of the Salt River Police Department are committed to delivering the most efficient, effective, productive, and quality police service to the community. We are dedicated to the advancement of a cooperative partnership with our community to develop better community policing, improved communications, and reduced crime. We shall strive to develop a comprehensive strategy to resolve public safety issues, and enhance the quality of life within our community.

Large enough to be professional, small enough to be a family.

Police Officer Recruitment

The Salt River Police Department is now hiring Lateral Police Officers.

All police applicants MUST submit the original AZ POST application to the Salt River Police Department Administration Building, located at 10137 E. Osborn Rd. Scottsdale AZ 85256, either in person or via certified mail. The are no scheduled police exams. The physical and written examinations will be by invitation only. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The AZ Post application MUST BE notarized and completed at the time of submission. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Physical Agility Standards

Minimum Passing Standards
1.5 Mile Run15:18 or less
Push-ups (no time limit)24
Sit-ups (one minute)30
Agility Run20.2 seconds
300 Meter Run65 seconds
Note: Test standards are a minimum requirement,
regardless of age or gender

Questions in reference to the application process or the physical test can be directed to Hiring Officer Adriel Pineda (adriel.pineda@srpmic-nsn.gov) or via telephone at 480-362-6698.

Other Salt River Police Department employment opportunities

All civilian positions that require a minimum typing proficiency will have to complete and pass a typing assessment. An applicant can have the assessment waived by submitting a typing speed certification from a bonafide testing facility with their application. An assessment would be considered valid if dated within six months from submission of your application.

To apply for position(s) within the Police Department, visit the SRPMIC Employment Page.

Contact Information for SRPD Recruitment

Officer A. Pineda
Salt River Police Department
10137 E. Osborn Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85256
Main: 480-850-8200
Direct: 480-362-6698