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Administrative Division (AD)


To provide an effective communication liaison between the Police Department and the Community to improve the delivery of police services, resolve problems and to maintain positive relationships with surrounding police agencies.

Office of the Chief

To provide the vision of the police department's objectives, in order to successfully reach these goals while maintaining the police department's mission of providing effective and efficient quality delivery of police services to the Community, through strategic planning, developing and shaping an appropriate organizational structure with personnel, equipment and technology, to support current and future law enforcement needs of the Community.

Professional Standards Bureau

To thoroughly and objectively investigate all complaints against its employees, to preserve the confidence of the public and to evaluate the services provided to the Community and address remedies to improve any deficiencies. The Internal Affairs Unit accepts, assigns, tracks and investigates external and internal complaints on employee's conduct. Learn more about the Professional Standards Bureau ...


To conduct a variety of AZPOST required tests, to seek out the most qualified applicants, with preference to Native American applicants, per the law. After the applicant passes the required steps for qualification to attend the police academy, send the recruit to an AZPOST academy for basic training to become certified as an Arizona peace officer.


To develop, implement and coordinate training for all Salt River Police team members, and others, which includes basic, advanced, mandatory and specialized training. Maintain current policies and procedures.

Records Bureau

To provide state-of-the-art records management and data collection for the Salt River Police Department and for the public. Provide information, as requested, in accordance with policy and law in an accurate and timely manner to the public and to members of the criminal justice system. Learn more about the Records Bureau ...

Administrative Bureau

Planning, research and evaluation of all proposed uses of new equipment. Conducts systematic audits and maintains inventory control of all vehicles and equipment. Conducts evaluations of police activities to determine efficiency, effectiveness and utility of existing policies, procedures and programs. Develops and maintains a departmental planning capability for off-duty events.

Intelligence Unit (IU)

[IMAGE - SRPD Intelligence Unit] To effectively collect, evaluate, analyze and disseminate intelligence data regarding criminal activity within the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community and any criminal activity in other jurisdictions that may adversely affect the SRPMIC. This includes, but is not limited to: providing processes for collating and analyzing information collected by operational units of the SRPD; coordination with the East Valley Fusion Center or other fusion centers; collect, synthesize, and disseminate comp/stat data and information.