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Recreation Department

Social Programs

The Social Programs Division provides Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community families with social activities throughout the year with a variety of options from programs that emphasize cultural awareness, social skills, life skills, teamwork, leadership, good citizenship, self-confidence, self-esteem, decision making, good sportsmanship, and experiential learning.

Salt River After School Program

The program runs Monday through Thursday:
3:00pm - 5:30pm – Program ends
1st through 6th grade

SRASP is FREE and currently offered to students in grades K-6th who attend SRES or Noah Webster. SRPMIC enrolled students have first priority. Transportation is provided from school and parents are responsible for pick up. Program provides:

  • Help with Homework
  • Gym and field games
  • Science projects
  • Culture activities
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Special Interest classes
  • Fun and Educational field trips
  • And more…

For information contact: Teresa Masayesva  (Teresa.Masayesva@SRPMIC-nsn.gov / 480-362-6602)

Girl Scouts of America – Salt River Girl Scouts

This national program for girls runs during the school year, September through May. The girls work on earning badges by participating in neighboring events, community service, fundraisers, and outdoor field trips. End of year trips are planned for all girl scout troops. Bi-weekly meetings are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This program is for Community girls 5 to 17 years of age or grades K-12. Registration takes place at the Recreation Department office.

Teresa Masayesva (Teresa.Masayesva@SRPMIC-nsn.gov / 480-362-6602)
Sera Gould (Seraphina.Gould@SRPMIC-nsn.gov / 480-362-7334)
Diedre Goodluck (Diedre.Goodluck@SRPMIC-nsn.gov / 480-362-7409)

Teen Program

The teen program is open to all Community members ages 13-18.  Monthly activities are scheduled throughout the year. Events and activities can be found on departments monthly calendars

Staff and Contact Information:
Kevin Riding In: (Kevin.Riding-In@SRPMIC-nsn.gov / 480-362-7473)
Sera Gould: (Seraphina.Gould@SRPMIC-nsn.gov / 480-362-7334)
Recreation Department office: 480-362-6360

Special Interest Classes

The Recreation Department offers various classes for people of all ages in the Fall and Spring seasons. The classes are designed to introduce new recreational hobbies and interests to children and adults at little or no cost. The classes are for enrolled Community members.

Contact: Teresa Masayesva (Teresa.Masayesva@SRPMIC-nsn.gov / 480-362-6602)

Super Kids Club

The Super Kids Club is to recognize and serve families with special needs children who may otherwise be unable to participate in all other SRPMIC Recreational programs due to their adaptive needs by providing recreational and socialization opportunities. Staff are committed to providing a variety of enjoyable recreational activities that are safe-accessible, and enrich the lives of the children who participate.Because we believe in lowering the barriers of exclusion, when possible, program staff encourages children to transition into other programs to gain confidence, develop social skills, and/or to transition towards independence.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Ages served: 0-22 years of age
  • Participants must be a community member or reside on SRPMIC to participate
  • The Super Kids Club is intended for children who are medically diagnosed with a physical or mental disability
  • The program is intended for children with functional limitations in general learning and adaptive skills AND are not able to participate in all other SRPMIC Recreation Programs due to their disability

New families who may be unsure their child fits the eligibility criteria or who would like more information to determine if the program fits the needs of their child are welcome to bring their child to an event and observe to  determine if the Super Kids Club is a program their child would benefit from.

Teresa Masayesva (Teresa.Masayesva@SRPMIC-nsn.gov / 480-362-6602)
Kevin Riding In (Kevin.Riding-In@SRPMIC-nsn.gov / 480-362-7473)
Sera Gould  (Seraphina.Gould@SRPMIC-nsn.gov / 480-362-7334)
Recreation Department office (480-362-6360)

Young Eagles Program - Strong Lions Program

This program is for Community boys ages 8 to 13 (Young Eagles) and 14 to 18 (Strong Lions), with a focus on culture, leadership, good citizenship, good life choices, good sportsmanship and brotherhood. There are bi-weekly meetings and some weekend outings throughout the school year.

Contact: Kevin Riding In (480-362-7473) or Ephraim Sloan (480-362-6688)

Outdoor Adventure

The Outdoor adventure program is designed to get kids outside of the house and doing fun, healthy activities. The program is offered once a month for youth ages 6-18. Some adventures include hiking, fishing, out of Africa, sledding, biking, obstacle course challenges, and other fun and exciting adventures.

Community Members will have first preference. For more information, Contact: Recreation Department 480-362-6360

Teresa Masayesva (Teresa.Masayesva@SRPMIC-nsn.gov / 480-362-6602)

Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Traditional Dancers

This program teaches the traditional songs and dances of the Akimel O'odham. Practice sessions are held on Monday evenings every other week (dates vary) from 6-7:30 P.M. There is sharing of song and dance within the Community during annual events and at times within the metropolitan area .It is the goal of the group to teach the younger children the traditions and culture of the Akimel O’Odham through song and dance. All Community youth and adults are welcome.

Contact: Vickie Andrews (Vickie.Andrews@SRPMIC-nsn.gov / 480-362-5740)

Summer Day Camps for Youth

Recreation provides a variety of summer camps for youth, teens and special needs. Camps are scheduled for the months of June & July with registration in May. Each run Monday through Thursday or Monday through Friday, with times varying for each program. Lunch is provided for each camp participant in partnership with the State of Arizona food service program.

For more information on summer camps call 480-362-6360