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Legal Services Office (LSO)

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Serving the Enrolled Community Members* of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community

SRPMIC Legal Services Office provides assistance to community members with civil actions in Community, Arizona State, Federal and other Tribal Courts.

LSO accepts a variety of cases that fall within our "areas of legal practice" or "priorities". We handle most cases in the areas of Family Law, Housing/Landlord/Tenant, Public Benefits, Consumer Protection, Personal Injury Law, Bankruptcy, Estate Planning, Vehicle Repossession, Civil Rights and Mental Health matters.

Family Law - The focus of LSO's family law practice is to support the integrity, safety and well being of the family. LSO assists with divorce, child support (including modification, enforcement, and overpayment of child support), as well as paternity, visitations, and custody concerns that impact the family unit.

LSO is committed to providing protection against abuse and the exploitation of people's family members and/or violence directed at those family members who are most vulnerable.

Housing - LSO recognizes that adequate shelter is a fundamental necessity of all people. Our staff provides legal assistance and representation in housing related issues and helps to: maintain affordable, healthy and safe living conditions, avoid homelessness, and avoid or correct arrangements which may threaten ones' home equity or ownership.

Public Benefits - LSO understands that working with city, state and federal agencies for public benefits can be difficult. LSO provides legal assistance where access to health care, social security, disability and other benefits which are denied or are at risk.

Consumer Protection - LSO provides assistance to protect from unethical schemes, illegal loans, excessive interest charges and fraudulent schemes involving promises to repair or failure to properly repair property. Additionally, LSO assists with breach of contract cases, garnishment actions and negotiations with creditors when a client may have fallen behind on payments.

Personal Injury Law - LSO provides representation at a reduced contingent fee of 20% for automobile accidents, slip and fall accidents and other tortious acts.

Bankruptcy - LSO assists with Chapter 7 and/or Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. The intent behind filing for Bankruptcy is to reduce the amount of debt owed to a debtor's creditors and provide the debtor a fresh start. When a debtor files for Bankruptcy, an automatic stay goes into effect. The automatic stay only lasts a brief time during the beginning of the Bankruptcy process but will temporarily relieve a debtor by stopping creditors from: 1) garnishing wages 2) emptying bank accounts 3) repossessing vehicles or other property 4) foreclosing on a house or 5) cutting off utility services or welfare benefits.

Estate Planning - LSO staff will assist community members in preparing their Will. A Will (also known as Last Will and Testament) is a document in which the person making the will describes how they wish to have their property distributed after their death. A Will also allows you to:

  • Choose family members or friends you want to receive your personal property (house, car, jewelry, pottery, etc.).
  • Choose family member or eligible heir(s) you want to receive your trust property (land).
  • Choose what property and in what amounts should go to specific people.
  • Choose a trusted person to oversee the administration and distribution of your personal property.
  • Choose the person you want to take care of your minor children.

Vehicle Repossession - LSO assists members in wrongful repossession and vehicle forfeitures/seizures. Our goal is to reduce damages, costs, and if possible, the loss of the vehicle.

*Note: LSO also prepares wills for individuals who have land in the community.