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Family Advocacy Center

Protect. Support. Educate. Advocate.

Mission Statement

The Family Advocacy Center (FAC) provides a secure and healing environment for the investigation of cases involving child abuse and neglect by utilizing a collaborative, multi-disciplinary team to reduce further harm to children and other vulnerable victims, while honoring the cultural values and traditions of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.

What is the Family Advocacy Center?

The Family Advocacy Center is a tribal-facility designed to provide a child-friendly environment for child who are alleged to be abused, neglected, victims of a crime, or witnesses to a serious crime, to be while the investigation is pending. The FAC is the working environment for the child investigative multi-disciplinary team, consisting of the FAC staff, CPS, police and prosecution. In the Center, the team collaborates on the investigation and ways to limit harm to the child. A large conference room and a forensic-interview room also are included. The facility has a safe, clean and welcoming play room where the children are supervised. The FAC is not a shelter for overnight stays. Children are able to rest, bathe and eat as needed.

The Family Advocate Center is primarily an investigation facility and does not provide counseling services post-investigation. Visitors are welcome to tour the facility on appointment-only basis, and limited to times when no children are present.

Who We Are


The FAC Staff consists of a Director and a Legal Office Manager. The Director is Sheri Freemont. Ms. Freemont previously served as the Chief Prosecutor for SRPMIC and as a child crimes prosecutor in the state. She is enrolled with the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa. Ms. Deana Washington is the Legal Office manager, and a Community Member.

Other Team Member Agencies

Child Protective Services and the child crimes detectives of the SPRMIC Police Department are housed in the FAC. In addition, the Tribal Prosecutor's office stations a prosecutor at the FAC to be available to assist with any investigations.

The Multi–Disciplinary Team

The members of the FAC, as well as representatives from other departments and agencies regularly meet to collaborate on case-specific issues and concerns, as well as larger scale topics of discussion. The team members offer their expertise from their fields (such as mental health, education, probation, prosecution, etc.) to identify barriers to healthy families and to educate one another. The team also contributes to community education projects and event, as well as continues to advocate for safe families and children.

Important Phone Numbers

CPS Hotline: 480-362-2600

SRPMIC Crisis Team: 480-362-5707

In an emergency, call 9-1-1

How Can I Donate?

Please call us at 480-362-2600 to arrange a donation. We are always in need of the following:

  • Clean, unused or gently used, stuffed animals (preferably with no writing on them, and not holiday-related). We try to have a special friend to give to every child visitor when they visit the center that is theirs to keep.
  • Clean clothing for children in all sizes.
  • New pajamas and underwear for children of all ages.
  • New or gently used shoes for children of all ages.
  • Lice Kits.
  • Clean sheets (used for delousing).
  • New towels.

Where is the FAC Located?

The Family Advocacy Center is located with the SRPMIC tribal boundaries, however the location is not advertised. The Center is designed for children to feel safe. Child victims are intended to be free from any of their abusers or offenders while at the Center, therefore the location is not available. When children are in the center, no non-employees are allowed inside, except for the child's parent(s), legal guardian(s) absent approval from the investigative team.

CPS Referrals

When Should I make a CPS referral?

Any time you have any reason to believe a child is at risk of harm, that their parent or caretaker does not appear to be addressing, you should be the voice of the child and reach out to CPS. If you are unsure, error on the side of child safety, and make the call. Child Protective Services will take your information and respond appropriately. Some families just need assistance and access to services or information. Some cases may not seem like much of a concern to someone looking in from the outside, but serious concerns are possible. Therefore, if you feel that something is not right and a child is in danger, do your part to protect the child who cannot always protect themselves.

How do I make a CPS Referral?

Call the CPS hotline at (480) 362-2600. The phone call is the best method so that CPS can ask you questions of clarification in case they do not understand some details. You may also send a referral in writing or in-person.

Is my CPS referral confidential?

Yes, as a reporting party, your name is kept confidential.

Will I be advised as to the outcome of the CPS investigation?

No. Investigations are confidential. The persons involved in the investigation have a right to confidentiality.

Other Ways to Help

  • Be supportive of families who are struggling or overwhelmed.
  • Become a foster parent for children in the Community.