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Water Quality Program


What We Do

The Water Quality Program (WQP) is responsible for ensuring the Community's waters are protected. The WQP conducts monitoring and sampling of the Community's surface water and groundwater resources. Data collected is analyzed in order to identify water quality issues, and is housed in a database. The WQP implements best management practices within the Community to help safeguard waterways. Additionally, the WQP develops environmental outreach materials and facilitates educational activities for other departments, Community schools, and Community members to increase awareness of nonpoint source pollution and watershed protection, and to promote environmental stewardship.

Document development plays an integral part of ensuring the water quality is improved, protected, and maintained. These documents may also provide a tool to share data with the Community and federal government. The WQP develops and updates documents to reflect current federal standards and guidelines as well as consideration of any SRPMIC cultural practices. Most documents are revised every 2-5 years, or as needed.

Water Quality Documents

FY2017 Water Quality Assessment Report