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Solid Waste Program

With its proximity to the Salt River Landfill, the Community is a target for illegal dumping. The WMP works with the Salt River Police Department (SRPD) Rangers and the Public Works Department to report, assess, and clean up dumpsites as soon as possible after discovery in order to prevent additional dumping.

When dumpers are caught in the act, SRPD, is allowed by Tribal ordinance to seize the vehicle used in the dumping. The dumper must work with the Community's Office of General Counsel to clean up the dumpsite, perform community service, and pay restitution before the vehicle is returned.

If you witness illegal dumping and the dumper is at the site, call SRPD dispatch at 480-850-9230.

To report an illegal dumpsite, call the CDD-EPNR hotline at 480-362-7500.

[PHOTO - Before Cleanup]
Before Clean-up
[PHOTO - After Cleanup]
After Clean-up
[PHOTO - ]
Dumper caught in the act on SRPD dash cam
[PHOTO - ]
Dumper caught in the act
[PHOTO - ]
Illegal dumpsite - Before clean-up
[PHOTO - ]
Illegal dumpsite - After clean-up