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Salt River Environmental Ordinances

As a first step in providing tools for environmental compliance within the Community, the following is a list of relevant SRPMIC ordinances:

  • Chapter 12 - Animals and Fowl
  • Chapter 13 - Health and Sanitation (Pesticides Art. IV)
  • Chapter 15 - Taxing, Licensing and Permits (Hunting and Fishing License Art. II)
  • Chapter 17.5 – Floodplain and Drainage Ordinance
  • Chapter 18 – Water and Other Resources
  • Chapter 19 – Antiquities and Archaeological Sites
  • SRO-268-2010 Amended Agricultural Dust Ordinance

Please keep in mind, as the Community continues to evolve with current events, the ordinances listed above may change to fit the Community's environmental needs. This program's section of the webpage will be periodically updated as newly enacted environmental ordinances or amendments are approved by Tribal Council.